Back on Geraldine!

December 28th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

After three months away, we are finally back on Geraldine! We took Kip’s dad to the airport headed for Michigan on Friday 12/26 and then climbed aboard Alaska Airlines ourselves. We arrived at Sitka by 7:00 pm, rented a car and quickly were onboard our snow covered and COLD Geraldine! We were grateful to find all was well inside and were delighted to be back “home” again. On Saturday the high temperature was 34, the low was 28 and the sun rose by 8:40 am and set by 3:26 pm; such a different world from Silicon Valley. But it is easy to sleep in and get caught up on our rest. We went for a drive around Sitka and walked through town which is charming with the Russian Orthodox church, Saint Michael’s Cathedral, in the center. The population here is 8,800 people and the grocery stores carry everything we have in California but at a different price! 

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  1. Peg Kortes Says:

    Hi, Kip and Walt — thanks for the pictures of snowy Sitka. We’re glad that everything was well on Geraldine. I can imagine how cold it was in your “home”. Hope you have a relaxing and productive week. Jen, Randy, Quinny and baby Orli are doing fine.

    Love from Peg and Don

  2. Janet Goodman Says:

    Happy New Year (almost) Kip and Walt! Your report was reassuring – your northern home was still floating and livable. The photos are wonderful and convey the chilly and quiet atmosphere well. A few hours of daylight – just like I remember the London winters – except colder where you are! Enjoy the peace and tranquility and rest. See you back in the SV race soon.

  3. Doug Morton Says:

    Hi Kip & Walt:

    We are grateful for BSF so that we have the opportunity to get to know you. The story that you tell on this site is unbelievable. God Bless!


  4. Thomas Says:

    Hi Kip & Walt,
    I am came across your blog of your NWP while doing some unrelated research. What a journey! Congratulations. What a great read! Logistics interests me much and I was curious how you refueled the boat in these remote communities that don’t have a marina.

  5. Businessqxc Says:

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