Moving In!

May 26th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones
We had a visit from Mark Kunz who is building Olive and he brought the dinghy though she is not yet finished.  He needs to put the rub rail material on and paint the inside.  He came Sunday afternoon and we saw how cool the clam shell folding design Walt picked out really is.  Our dinghy will be just right to carry four adults and maybe a bambino or two!  He had dinner with us and spent the night, reporting in that at 6′ 10″ he could spread out and was very comfortable in the V berth!!  Best night he ever spent on a boat, he said, so we think the money spent on fancy mattresses has paid off!
The heater is an advantage!  It has been in the 40’s at night and we have been toasty.  We have been busy emptying all the boxes we sent (and Pat sent) and have been finding a place to store things and then moving them to a better spot!  We have had workers aboard helping us with lots of details and have not been out but once.  That will change Tuesday when Skip Boselli shows up.  I plan to make bread while he is here and check out the oven!  I spent much of the day doing laundry, getting the new towels and sheets washed and ready for you!  🙂
Our Memorial Day bas been memorial to us as we are so excited that we could even own a boat like this free and clear and be planning such an exciting trip.  Thanks be to God.  I went to a local small grocer today and he will order wheels of cheese, beans, rice etc. for me and deliver it to Geraldine!  This little shop is neat and is one Martha S. and even Julia Childs frequents!  I made sure we weren’t getting the Martha price!
All the interior ultra suede remains under plastic so we haven’t gotten the view of the main saloon yet, but she looks great.  We are so excited and grateful!
The galley works!  Love the way it is put together and the stove is cool (or Hot really!)

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  1. John Robertson Says:

    Hi Walt and Kip – best wishes from Sandy and John for a great voyage. Love to you both.

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