The Crew


Skipper Walt Jones brings a wealth of passage-making experience to the helm of Geraldine. His nautical journeys have seen him traverse the east coast, the south (gulf) coast, the west coast, and so he figured it was high time he saw the north coast. Traditionally a sailor, Walt fell in love with the graceful wooden pilot house boats of the 1930’s. It was a surprise then, when he announced the purchase of a research vessel in Maine, built on a solid lobster boat hull. The far-flung purchase provided just the excuse he needed to reportedly become the captain of the first unassisted recreational powerboat (under 60′ LOA)  to successfully traverse the Northwest Passage, and bring Geraldine home to the west.

Kip Jones

Galley Master

Affectionately known as “The Kipper,” Kip’s primary responsibility was to provision for the three month trip, with the assumption there would be no chance to purchase any food along the way, which did not turn out to be the case. She calculated the amounts of dried beans, rice, lentils, bulgur, etc. plus all the fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots, onions, potatoes, turnips, etc. that would last below the floor boards since the refrigerator died early into the trip. Kip loves to bake and planned to make all the crew’s bread as well as any scones, cookies and such they might want. She purchased meat, freeze dried vegetables, flour, powdered whole milk, dried eggs, canned cream etc. ahead and was able to creatively keep the crew well fed and healthy. Meal times were the highlights of the days where we enjoyed real fellowship together over a “home cooked meal.”

Pat Robertson

First Mate

Pat was Walt’s boss and is President of City Team Ministries. He brought with him a wealth knowledge of mechanical systems in addition to necessary leadership skills. Pat quickly learned all the complicated systems on the boat and was valuable when troubleshooting the tough problems we encountered. Pat was in charge anytime Walt was off watch. He also provided spiritual leadership when we faced great difficulties and frequently helped us to gain the strength we needed to go forward. Pat was a determined force to see the trip through to the finish and demonstrated courage in all circumstances.  It was a privilege to spend three months together to complete our trip of a lifetime.

Shane Robertson

Mechanic and Diver

Shane made his cruising debut on this voyage. He came with an abundance of mechanical systems and diesel engine expertise plus an enthusiastic attitude that would successfully tackle any problem without ever complaining. He was responsible and reliable through the toughest of circumstances. Shane quit his job to seize the opportunity of a lifetime and never wavered from a determination to finish the trip. Shane went diving in frigid waters to free an entangled  propeller in Cornerbrook and then later again in the Arctic outside Tuktoyaktuk.  Shane brought a strong back and youthful excitement to our crew and was ready to do what ever was needed to make the trip safe and fun for all of us.

Skip Boselli


Skip is a long time friend of Walt and Kip’s. He is experienced in distance cruising in small boats (23′ to 27′) and has sailed from Newfoundland to the Dry Tortugas, the Great Lakes and inland waterways of America including the Great Loop. Skip taught the U.S. Power Squadron Safe Boating Course for thirteen years and currently he teaches the State of New Hampshire Boating Education Course. Skip was heavily involved with the planning of the trip and was instrumental in making contacts before we began the journey. He was with us from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland to Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Ed Wright


Ed is a friend of Walt’s who was enthusiastically following the trip and volunteered to help out if needed. When Kip departed for ten days in Nome, Ed joined the crew and sailed through some of the roughest waters of the trip; through the Bering Sea to Dutch Harbor and then on to Kodiak.  Ed has been a sailing enthusiast for many years and fit in easily with the other crew members.

Randy Jones

Web Designer and Crew

Randy is a professional Graphic Designer and with our other son, Scott, developed the Geraldine website. Randy also designed the Geraldine graphic based on his grandmother’s signature. Randy, his wife Jenny, and daughter, Quinlan, joined us at the beginning of our journey when departing Southwest Harbor, Maine and he was of immense help in figuring the ins and outs sailing our new vessel. Randy and Jenny have experienced sailing with us in the San Juan Islands, and from Seattle, WA to Glacier Bay, AK. Randy grew up sailing with us and his help was invaluable as we began our voyage.

Scott Jones

Web Designer and Crew

Our son Scott and his eight year old daughter, Raime, joined us for some of the last days for the trip from Kodiak to Yakutat, AK.  Scott is a Computer Engineer and with Randy, built the Geraldine website.  He too grew up sailing and was invaluable in his experience and knowledge once Pat, Ed and Shane departed.  He became the new anchor man and was willing to help in every way.

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go — Genesis 28:15