A Day Off in Shelburne

June 27th, 2008 by Randy Jones

After two long days, we spent today relaxing in Shelburne. During the American Revolution, the middle-class Loyalists pulled out of New York and Boston, settling in Shelburne. As a result the buildings in the restored waterfront date from the late 1700’s.

The members of the local yacht club invited us to a BBQ and concert. On the way there we caught sight of some of the aforementioned loyalists doing some kind of re-enactment dance practice in full uniform. Had a great sunset and are ready to push on tomorrow. Good night!

Edit: More photos of Shelburne

7 Responses to “A Day Off in Shelburne”

  1. Chuck Single Says:

    6/27/08: Probably not in this order:
    o hope your disel expert was the one to keep the engine going.
    o I will, indeed, pray that both Kip and Jenny cease their sea sickness (and that Kip is not pregnant). Remember what God did for Abraham and Sarah !!
    o You all should enjoy the food Kip prepares. I gain weight whe she cooks for me, so be warned !!
    o I find the daily reports interesting, and hope you find time to keep them coming.
    o The photographs are also fun. Can I pring them ??


    Grandpa Single

  2. Clarence Says:

    You are blessed that you are having your troubles here, where (most) all is available. Can you back flush fuel lines underway? Set up header?

    Via con Dios, Clarence

  3. Mike Brickley Says:

    Hey Walt,

    You ought to get one of those red jackets and hats to wear on Geraldine!!
    We continue to pray for you guys!! Love, Mike and Cathy

  4. Tom Gutshall Says:

    Ahoy there, Walt and crew!!

    Don’t be mingling with those Redcoats. And just for spite, brew up a big pot of tea to enjoy before you raise the hook.

    Shalom, Tom G.

  5. Scott Jones Says:

    Your pictures are great, Randy. When Dad said that it reminded mom of Williamsburg, I wasn’t expecting that you’d see a reenactment complete with Red-Coat uniforms!

    Thanks for the update, and have a great time on the next leg of the trip!

  6. Rebekah Says:

    Those sunset pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Ed Wright Says:

    To All,
    It is exciting to watch your progress on your web site. What a wonderful experience. I keep hearing news stories about a warm summer in the Arctic. Hopefully you have gotten your engines fixed. Blessings to you all.

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