Northwest Passage Ice Forecast

June 17th, 2008 by Jim "Skip" Boselli

Here is a website I found that provides daily satellite views…although with only moderate resolution. Still, it’s very interesting to note the following as of today:

  • There’s a strange piece of water that is wide open due east of Fury & Hecla Strait while Foxe Basin and the Gulf of Boothia are still solid ice
  • Fury & Hecla is starting to darken up a little
  • You can see that Peel Sound is opening up very rapidly
  • Point Barrow is still very solid
  • Disko Bay (and the entire Greenland Coast) is completely open
  • Very interestingly, Prince of Wales Strait is starting to get very dark already. This could still be a possibility for us (express route!)

If you click on this image, it will take to you an updated shot of the ice as of today!

4 Responses to “Northwest Passage Ice Forecast”

  1. Ted & Pam Bancroft Says:

    Best wishes for a safe and memorable trip. The boat looks great (Flip Wilson is happy you named the boat ‘Geraldine’ but there must be another reason!). Thanks for the link. We’ll be watching your trip closely. Ted & Pam

  2. Andrew Grinstead Says:

    I am getting sea-sick just looking at the boat. What part of your trip will be the calmest waters?

    Hope you guys have a great “cruise” …

    Your former sailing buddy.

  3. sally gibson Says:

    Hey Walt and Kip,

    Sylvia forewarded me your journey. How exciting. We will miss each other in Corner Brook. Jon and I will be there mid September. How fun if we had been there at the same time!
    Have a safe and terrific trip. It’s one of those great life time opportunities. Looking forward to following your journey!

    Love, Sally

  4. Skip Wangbickler Says:

    Walt and Kip

    Best wishes from Pam and me and may you have fair winds and flat seas. We will be following your adventure and will be praying for you.

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