Yummy Sea Cucumbers?

June 23rd, 2008 by Randy Jones

Tonight a storm moved in just at sunset creating the most beautiful curtain of pink in the sky. Meanwhile, commercial fishermen were unloading their catch. Itching to see lobsters Jenny & I went to investigate. Turns out the lobsters they were unloading were, in fact, sea cucumbers.

For the uninitiated, I give you an except from my tome in progress: Nasty Things I Have Encountered:


  • Sea cucumbers live on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Fishermen in Maine drag the bottom to turn catch them.
  • They have a suction-tentacle-foot-thing on one end.
  • They can be long and flacid or contract to a grapefruit-sized lump. 
  • They can throw-up themselves (turning inside out).
  • They stink.
  • They are nasty.
  • To the initiated, they apparently belong on a menu. These *beauties* are headed for the Asian market. I hesitate to include this in the food category.


Be warned. Clicking the thumbnails on a full stomach is not advised. 🙂 

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