Canada Day in Halifax

July 1st, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

We left Lunenburg at 7:00 am in the fog and headed north to Halifax. The seas were rough; six to eight feet waves with 1/4 mile visibility or less. Jenny’s seasickness continued, and Quinlan also was sick along the way. The boat’s systems all worked well and we were secured at the dock at the Armdale Yacht Club by 1:00 pm enjoying what turned into a beautifully sunny day. From the dock we were able to see the fireworks celebrating Canada Day.

Randy and Jenny have decided to rent a car and travel by land to Prince Edward’s Island, and will meet up with us again at the Bras d’Or Lakes and then will fly home from Halifax rather than continuing on to Newfoundland on Geraldine. We have seen how hard it is for Jenny and Quinny to tolerate the ocean passages and know this is the best decision, but will miss them so much and are glad we will rendezvous again before they head home.

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  1. Pauline and Tom Says:

    Hi Kip and Walt,
    Love following your adventures. I even emailed Morning Edition on NPR to tell them about you. They’re doing a “summer adventure” series. Surely yours must be the best. If they contact you directly, it’s ’cause of me. Everything is fine at the house and in the garden. I’ll keep checking till your guest arrives. Hugs all around.

  2. Peter Says:


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    All the best

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