July 12th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We’ll we finally left Baddeck behind & are “on the road again!” after a week. We didn’t leave until 4 PM because they located our much needed refrigerator compressor and got it shipped to Corner Brook that day! Praise God! We had our credit card rejected twice with the paying of the Baddeck bills, buying groceries, paying for the compressor….; after two calls to the Chase Bank fraud department later we were set. They were just doing their job wondering what a California boy was doing buying all sorts of things in Baddeck, NS. I had told them in advance but they blocked the card never-the-less.

The trip up the Great Bras d’Or was fantastic and we went past the Alexander Graham Bell mansion and under the beautiful Seal Island suspension bridge with a vertical clearance of 119′. We then went past Bird Islands and saw two whales on the way to Ingonish weaving between thousands of lobster pots. Kip took a million sunset pictures – fabulous. The boat is running great.

We have a second part shipment coming to Corner Brook to fix the remaining boat issues. We were to  meet up with our new friend John in Ingonish and hailed him on the radio. He guided us up a very narrow channel and we rafted up to his boat for the night. Surprise! Another new friend, Clark (Tartan 35) was there with some of his friends (John & Deborah) who own the mooring we rafted to. The next thing we were on their deck joining a party that was underway. Also there was Peter who owns Straight-MacKay, a commercial boat supply company here; the supplier of our much needed refrig compressor! He was so happy he had indirectly helped us. We had hamburgers on the grill; a great time. Did I tell you how wonderfully nice the people of NS and Cape Breton Island are?!

I am writing this at 6 AM the 12th and we are underway to Newfoundland. We awoke to an amazing sunrise so coming and going from Ingonish was in Technicolor. Today’s trip will be a long ocean passage; 12-14 hours we think. So far calm seas and the boat is running fine.

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  1. Pat Robertson Says:

    I am so glad you found the compressor, sounds like God is making everything work including new friends everywhere. I downloaded SailMail but it looks like you got it to work on the Mac. see you Tuesday.

  2. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Godspeed on your long day’s journey. Shows how God is orchestrating His blessings for all of you, including His artwork. What a privilege to join in your adventure. MarcieB

  3. Peter Bennett Says:

    Very nice to meet you. Have a happy and safe trip. Glad that Stright-MacKay could help out.

  4. michael pounds Says:

    Great to keep up with your journey.Enjoy having the Robertson men on board…and God bless Kip for putting up with all these men sailors!

  5. Ryan Hare Says:

    Looks like Shane and Pat are in for a great journey. Can’t wait to here if Shane can pull his weight :). (Old College Buddy/Best Mans in each other’s wedding)

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