Presenting Pounds of Peets

July 2nd, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

We have given away three one pound bags of Peets coffee to people who have been so nice to us along the way; one to Sherrie and Ken who lent us their car to go grocery shopping in Shelburne. The second went to Donnie and Marilyn who drove us to the food store and gave us a tour of Lunenburg. The third went to Judy and Bob who took us shopping and took Randy and Jenny to the airport to get a rental car. All have been pleased to get some great Peets coffee from California!

We want to add that the people at Wilbur Yachts have been so supportive and have called every day to help us iron out the problems we have been having. How we appreciate their support.

3 Responses to “Presenting Pounds of Peets”

  1. Ted & Pam Bancroft Says:

    I’m following every post and enjoy the pictures. We’re praying for your safe journey and envy your spirit! Good luck.


  2. Clarence Says:

    Seeing the menu I am tempted to hitch hike to the North Slope, via con Dios

  3. Pat Robertson Says:

    Walt and Kip i brought home from Ethiopia some Harrar Coffee best in the world. so don’t worry about giving away some of the Peets i’ll be bringing some spare coffee.

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