Through the Lock

July 6th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

We awoke in Portage Cove to sunshine!  It was glorious to see the birds and seals all over also enjoying the day!  The seas were calm and we crossed Chedabucto Bay to St. Peter’s Bay.  To enter the Bras d’Or Lake we had to pass through one lock and a swing bridge which was really fun. Later we went through a double bascule bridge at Grand Narrows.  The Lake reminds us of Lake Tahoe but with rolling hills instead of snow capped mountains (no small difference!)  We sailed from the fly bridge where we could steer and enjoy the view; something we haven’t done because of the weather and rough seas.  It was a lovely day and such a contrast to what we have experienced.  We arrived at Baddeck, found a mooring and went out to dinner.

3 Responses to “Through the Lock”

  1. Kathy and Andi Says:

    Hi Kip & Walt,

    we love to follow your tracks 🙂 What a great adventure you got yourself into. My pappies (Goetzke) can’t believe you are really doing this and we as well admire your courage to go about your dreams. We are with you in spirit !

    Speaking of which .. we now got full steam into planning or own. It’s -12wks now and we are all into reading about trekking the Himalayas, charting treks on google earth and checking out the options in northern India, Nepal, Tibet and Yunnan, China. The current plan is to take off last week in September and get into trekking right away. What we are fired up about is, following the traditional route of the pilgrims to the source of the Ganges up in the mountains of Uttarakhand. This is just left to Nepal, 200mi NNE of New Delhi, 25mi to the border of Tibet ( 30°59’40.43″N, 78°55’58.25″E)

    Always fair winds and following seas

    Best whishes from Munich, Germany
    Kathy & Andi

  2. Roger & Barbara Says:

    Hi Sea Travelers,

    Well, nobody can say that you guys don’t know how to chase your dreams. Some people are happy hitting Santa Cruz for the weekend, but, noooooooo, you guys endeavor to forge through some of the coldest and trickiest water on the planet….. very cool!!

    Barbara and I were going to get into the spirit of your trip and try some sea cucumber for dinner, but Barb decided to draw the line at any food that could “throw itself up” (I new a guy that could do that in college).

    We are looking forward to tracking your amazing journey!

  3. Tom Linton Says:

    Hi Walt and Kip:

    Sounds like you’re getting the bugs worked out and settling more comfortably into traveling mode. Now you’ll just have to watch out that you don’t gain too much weight from what sounds a far cry from hard tack…

    Thanks for keeping us posted. It’s really been fun reading about your adventures.


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