Fueling Aground

August 10th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

Pond Inlet: We had an appointment with the Co-op for fuel at noon. We were to meet the truck at the beach at high noon; sounds like a show down, doesn’t it. Well that was exactly what happened. The driver was waiting for us, while we waited for him. We went to beach Geraldine at 12:30 PM. Shane jumped off the bow expecting shallow water and landed waist deep – so cold. The truck then soon arrived. We passed the fuel hose over the water with a rope. Pat and Shane held the boat while I fueled. The whole process took about an hour. We started to back out and went hard agroud! Getting free took another hour and a half! We got local help and we keep making things worse. We are back at anchor and all seems O.K. The entire town was aware of our predicament.

Looks like the watermaker parts won’t be here until Tuesday at the earliest. We are strongly considering moving to Resolute and asking that the shipment be diverted there. Stand by for the news.

PS. The SSB is working much better. I hooked up all the aluminum plate in the engine room to the ground. I was able to communicate with Peter Semotiuk in Cambridge Bay again tonight.
PSS. Expecting another excellent Arctic Char dinner tonight. I am smelling the love now.

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