Land ho!

August 7th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Nearing Pond Inlet (72 deg 46′ N, 075 deg 01′ W): After motoring straight for the last six days we see land ahead and will be in Pond Inlet in five hours. We heard from the ice service that tomorrow will bring 30 knot winds and rain in Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound so our timing is perfect; just ahead of bad weather. The sunrise was at 2:30am and was glorious, lasting about one hour as the fog drifted across and passed on. The pictures are amazing and we hope to get caught up soon. We have seen the sun looping around us through the day. It rises at about 2:00 on the horizon, comes around us and then sets at 11:00. It never gets dark, only dusk for about four hours. We have been grateful for this especially when crossing the sea ice fields in the fog last evening; probably the scariest thing we have been through on the trip so far.

The day was again smooth seas and calm winds with frequent ice bergs. In the early morning just after midnight Pat and Shane had to again make their way through sea ice which you’ll see in the pictures.

The mountains on Baffin Island are covered in glaciers and snow and are magnificent. The ice forecast shows that we can’t get through right now and must wait for the ice to open. There are two boats in Pond Inlet awaiting the ice to open as well. Please pray for an opening for us to move on through safely. We have been very careful with our water and have about 70 gallons left, using 30 over the last six days. Time for showers!

Editor’s Note: Our adventurers have officially crossed the Arctic Circle (actually it happened without fanfare before they saw the walrus). But it’s worth noting, they’ve made it to the Arctic!

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  1. Kathy Robertson Says:

    We’ll be praying for the ice to open. I’ve been monitoring the Canadian Ice Service web site on the animated screen. You can see the ice moving/melting over the course of several days. Pond Inlet is in a narrow strait and it is understandable that ice takes time to move and open. My Canadian geography has improved significantly. You are all on my mind and in my heart and prayers constantly–I can only imagine how challenging circumstances are as you journey along with the new and unexpected experiences. Hoping and praying that you get into Pond Inlet quickly and safely, avoiding the bad weather. The next leg of your journey will have you headed west–can’t wait to see you tracking west on the map!

    Love and blessings to you all, Kathy

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