Moving West (Part II)

August 12th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

The morning was sunny and glorious with tons of birds everywhere. About 3:30 PM it grew grey and rainy. Pat noticed that when the fresh water rain drops hit the salt water ocean, they stay as a little pearl on the top of the water for a few seconds before disappearing. We are motoring along the north side of Lancaster Sound and the seas are calm and views of land good. We have been making bread nearly every day and today’s was cracked wheat with walnuts, onion and dill! We make a huge loaf in a big glass bowl and it is fun for us all to watch the rising, smell the baking, suffer through the cooling before we plunge in! Geraldine is running so well and we’ve all showered finally thanks to the full water tanks. Everyone is ready to do laundry in Resolute. We haven’t done it on the boat to conserve water and we are O-U-T! We have hatch and window covers that snap on. I made some black felt pieces that fit in under the covers to make the bedrooms dark so we can sleep during our shift. Since it is light all the time we need them all the time.

We saw a pack of seals herding fish today which was really neat. There were probably at least 20 seals popping up “waist high” and swimming with a dolphin like motion. We passed a glacier at water’s edge and got very close, but saw no calving. Then we came around a corner to see three polar bears on the shore! A mother and two large cubs. Wow! Pictures are so cool from today! Some have asked about the total eclipse 8/1 and if we saw it. It was totally cloud covered that morning and we were south of the total eclipse track so we missed it. There were many tourists in Iqaluit to see it who were disappointed.

3 Responses to “Moving West (Part II)”

  1. Kevin Conant Says:

    My prayer for you all at the beginning of your adventure was a profound impact from your unique experience with God that would change the direction of your lives. I am moved by your words and my imagination fills the voids. May the Lord continue to have his hands upon you, may He give you fair winds, clean water and good rest. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your friend, Kevin Conant

  2. Ryan Hare Says:

    I am amazed at the “story of your adventure”. I have come to anticipate your new entries. I am glad to hear you have Shane working hard making bread. Tell him he is fully developing into the “wife” we used to call him in Bible College. I trust God will keep his hand of protection on you but continue to have you walk the tension of being comfortable and out of your comfort zone.

  3. M & M Alden Says:

    I notice that you are still having water problems, AND, you are operating in the rain at times. I recommend you rig a plastic water catcher (drains to a clean bucket or bottle). You will not get a great amount but even a little might be just sufficient. A tarp will do but a plastic sheet works better. If you get really desperate you can use a sponge to get condensation from the inner hull. This is labor intensive of course and a chore if you are in port and starboard watches.

    Take care and be sure to get some sleep.


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