Nearing Point Barrow

August 28th, 2008 by Randy Jones

(71º0.2′ N, 151º40′ W) I just got off the phone with the crew after a very short call. They are about 84 miles from Barrow and expect to be there by morning. The seas have calmed down but it’s still foggy. The colored pictures show how beautiful the shades of grey are as the sun streams through. While the engine has been running smoothly, it recently has been resistant to coming back to idle. Sounds like a VW van I once owned. Anyhow, they’ll be working on it in the next few days. And really that was about the extent of it. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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  1. Rebecca Robertson Says:

    They will probably post again soon, but just to ease everyone’s minds, as of yesterday (8/29) around 2pm MT the crew was just leaving Point Barrow. I haven’t heard from them again since then, but was able to talk to Shane on Pat’s cell phone. They now have some spotty cell coverage, but apparently spotty radio coverage as well. They were on track to be to Nome on the 3rd and had a plan to run through the nights as long as the weather was good. Hopefully we’ll get a more complete update from them soon.

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