With Point Lisburne in Sight

August 30th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones


We are in the Chukchi Sea enjoying a beautiful sunny day and calm seas with Point Lisburne in sight where we will again turn left.  Pat and Shane ran the boat all morning while Walt and I slept.  We had lunch together and now they are asleep until dinner (Chicken Pot Pie!). We are seeing all kinds of birds and some seals so far and above us we have that same cloud cover that looks like a wing which we have seen throughout the trip. It is 60 degrees out so we have been enjoying time on the fly bridge being outside. Pictures can’t express the vastness of the oceans as we look in every direction and see water to the horizon day after day. We haven’t seen any more ice since last night’s patch Pat and Shane navigated us through. We also haven’t seen any other ships since Barrow, so all is very peaceful and calm.  We all feel very grateful and thank you for praying for us as we are carried along by God’s grace.

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  1. Chuck Single Says:

    8/31/08 I am up and getting ready for church. All I need to do is shave. So I took time to follow the Jones’es. Kip, I am so pleased that the seas are calm and you can have a restful time for a change.

    I can’t seem to find you on my map. but I presume you will be at Barrow in a couple of days for your flight to Los Gatos, Kip.

    Enjoy your time with Walt and the crew. I know you have had a great time, really a life-time esperience.

    May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy.

    All the best, Dad

  2. Paula Leong Says:

    So glad all is going well and that it appears to be smooth sailing the rest of the way home. Looking forward to seeing both you and Walt soon. With Sept. all begins to start again …it will be great to worship together and begin our community group..even if it is just us two couples at the moment.
    I read you blog daily and hope Kip you are able to savor your last days on this voyage before returning to life-at-home and all of your responsibilities here. This has been a very special time for all of you and for all of us tracking with you via the internet. A gift all the way around!
    Can’t wait to see you both in person!
    Love, Paula

  3. Scott Jones Says:

    It does look like they will arrive at Nome with plenty of time before Mom heads home on the 3rd, and Ed comes aboard. Rebecca, Raime and I will be joining the crew in Kodiak on the 14th!!! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Borden Says:

    Not Penguin Pot Pie or Puffin Pot Pie, right? =) Sounds like you are having too much fun and maybe too much food! What are you going to do when Kip leaves?

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