Big bad bears

September 17th, 2008 by Scott Jones

(58 deg 12.6 N, 152 deg 32.6 W — Kitoi Bay, Afognak Island) As the day started rolling, Dad and I worked on debugging a problem with starting the main engine, which turned out to be a bad solenoid. Shane swapped out our fuel filters, and had to replace a few fuses as well (we also fixed the defrost unit yesterday). Late in the morning, we were introduced to Marty Owen, the Harbormaster of Kodiak. Dad had a great time talking with him, and told him how much we’d enjoyed cruising in Kodiak. And today was even better… we had an incredible day today. We left shortly after lunch, and went North across Marmot Bay through rolling seas. We had two whale sightings as we crossed the bay. We headed for Kitoi Bay, where Shane had learned that “we would see bears.” As soon as we entered this cove, Shane spotted five bears on the far shore. We all hurried out on deck and went on a photo shooting spree while Dad circled us around. The bears were gigantic and VERY CLOSE. They were gorging on salmon, who seem to all ready to spawn in a local creek. I used our camera in combination with our binoculars, and was able to get a few really neat pictures of the bears and their amazing claws… We also were treated to seeing two large herds of seals also feasting and doing “synchronized swimming.” Raime and Rebecca spotted a bald eagle too! What an amazing place!

We’ve anchored out here, and are getting ready for another feast of our own.  We’ll post pictures as soon as we can!

Here are a few of the amazing pictures that we captured.  We also have a few videos which we’ll try to share when we’re back home. I’ve also included two of our videos that I took through the binoculars  The first one is a bit jerky because the boat was still moving around.  🙂

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  1. Kathy Robertson Says:

    Now I’m really jealous! You have beautiful scenery and lots of animals–especially bears! You’ve seen more bears in one bay than we saw on a 10 day trip through the Yukon and Alaska including time in Denali! God is just putting on a show for the ladies, Kip, Rebecca and Raime–what a way to finish up this incredible journey! Raime and Rebecca must be the “spotters.” I’m glad that the trip is getting some media recognition as well. We’re all proud of the Geraldine and her crew! Kathy Robertson

  2. Marty Owen Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your brief call at the Port of Kodiak. A small yacht enroute from Maine via the NW passage is a rare and welcome visitor. What a wonderful and adventurous family you are!

    How is Walt’s finger? Did you catch a crab with that new Kodiak crab pot?

    Once our weather turns westerly, your passsage from the Kodiak archipelago to the mainland will be pleasant. I’m amazed how quickly you update your web site. Good job by the webmaster. What fun to keep up with your progress.

    Hope to meet you all again. My wife wants the recipie for the bread made enroute to Dutch harbor.

    Marty Owen, Kodiak Harbormaster

  3. Chuck Single Says:


    Scott: It is fun to try to keep up with the Jones’s.

    I believe the Kodiac bear is a Grizzly bear that has all the salmon to eat that he wants. Fred Bear, a renown archer and bow maker from Michigan, had a video where he killed a Kodiac bear. He was hiding behind a huge bolder, and watched a mamoth male Kodiac bear wondering up the beach. When the bear got just past him, he got a good shot into the “kill zone” and the bear took off for a hundred yards (away from him) and then dropped.

    What if the bear had turned and came toward Fred ? Clearly, the bear cold have killed Fred before dying.(but Fred always had a man with a BIG gun backing him up). A 30-06 is not big enough to instantly drop a big bear. You need a 257 magnum.

    Remind everyone that the bears are WILD animals.

    It must be good to see all of the “extended family” and to enjoy Grandma Kip’s cooking.

    Congratulations to Walt & Kip on their 36th anniversary (September 16, as I recall)

    Love, Great Grandpa Single

  4. Randy Says:

    Clearly, had Grizzly Bear turned toward Fred Bear he would have been in yabadabadoodoo (otherwise known as Deep Yogi).

  5. Randy Jones Says:

    Those photos are outrageous!!! Thanks for posting.

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