Birthday Boy sleeps in!

September 6th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

(58 deg 20′ N, 164 deg 51′ W) Last night wasn’t as bad as forecasted. We had 15 – 20 kt from the SE instead of 20 kt from the NE. We continue to experience failures aboard Geraldine. Last night the blades from the defrost squirrel-cage blower broke off. Wow. I have never heard of that happening before – ever, but it did to us last night so we are without defrost. Fortunately, it is 55 degrees out so the need is not as great right now. In addition, the variable mechanical governor is still slow to respond even after elixirs were added to both the oil & diesel fuel in Nome. We hope to have it looked at in Dutch Harbor.

Today is Pat’s Birthday. He celebrated the first hour of his watch in bed! That was followed by a latte and singing of Happy Birthday (maybe that is why Geraldine is breaking… bad singing?) Kathy just called too which got him beaming.

We are currently about 275 miles north of Dutch Harbor. At our current rate we will arrive very late Sunday or early Monday. Please pray for favorable weather. We are exactly where the “World’s Deadliest Catch” was filmed. The entire Bering Sea seems to be 100′ deep – perfect for crabs but lousy for waves with a long fetch.

This morning Geraldine will have completed 6000 NM since departing Maine.

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  1. Randy Jones Says:

    When did you last feed the squirrel? He probably gnawed the blades off himself after running 24 hours a day for the last three months! Or maybe it was the beans that got to him?

  2. Joe Hernandez Says:

    Pat, Feliz Cumplianos!!!!!!

    I was wondering with Pat’s cooking of beans and bread, the fiber will have an effect, so I am with Randy it must have been the beans that got the squirrel………

  3. Audrey Brown Says:

    Happy Birthday Pat! What a birthday trip you have had. May God bless the rest of your trip and give you special moments with Him. The bread you are baking sounds wonderful. How will your lungs take the smog of the Bay area after so much fresh air?? You have probably added 10 years to your life 🙂 I had fun showing John and Nell and Wade and Eunice your web site when I was in Chicago for Jessica’s wedding. We are all in awe.
    Audrey Brown

    Happy Birthday to you!! Yesterday was the staff picnic. It was a good time but you were missed. Especially when they handed out the service awards and you got a 35 year service award in abstentia (I think they should have waited until you could be here but oh well.)

    I have been praying for you and the crew right along that the Lord will not only keep you safe but also make this a rich and refreshing experience.

    Special blessings on your special day and I pray that the good that God has in store for you this year will be greater than any year in the past.

  4. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Happy Birthday, Pat! There should be time for a belated celebration once you get back here. I pray for more favorable weather for all of you, and that you arrive in Dutch Harbor in faster time than expected. His blessings, MarcieB.

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