Departing from Yakutat

September 23rd, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

We awoke to a glorious full view of Mt. St. Elias; 18,006 feet right out of the water!  We had arrived at 10:15 the night before and had no idea how beautiful the spot was where we’d landed.  The seas were calm and the wind was gone so it was a perfect last day for Scott and Raime.  We saw many geese in V formations heading south and that was a message for us too.  We saw more glaciers and the beauty of the mountains continued all day long.  We arrived at the fuel dock in Yakutat at 4:00 pm so Scott and Raime had plenty of time to make their 6:45 departure.  It was sad to see them go back home.  We are now tied to the dock at Yakutat Roads, one of the prettiest spots we have seen on this trip.  We hope to be in Sitka Friday and now it is just the two of us.  🙂

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  1. Pat Robertson Says:

    Oh wow wow wow’s what a beautiful sight, sounds like you had a great trip so far, I’m sure Ramie enjoyed it. Now just you two alone. I’m not there to make my comment… I’ll never live that one down. Still praying for you and eager to see you again. Blessings upon you and many whale sightings, and beautiful sights be yours in abundance along with calm seas and peaceful winds. Love ya Pat & Kathy

  2. Scott Jones Says:

    The morning sunrise in Icy Bay was fantastic, and Mt. St. Elias seemed to grow through the day as we went further and further east. We could see it almost all day. Raime had a great time, and thought that the trip was fantastic. She joked about Yakutat being “Yuck Attack”, but it really was another beautiful spot.

    We got off at the city docks, where Geraldine met a diesel truck for refueling. The dock is not a floating one, and it was low tide, so we crawled up a very tall ladder to reach the land. We were able to track down a telephone and get the number for the “cab” which apparently is one (very nice) lady in town! 🙂

    Yakutat is about 700 people in population during fishing season, when it is fishing season (the Coho Salmon are just beginning to run now), and is more like 500 at other times of year.

    We’re glad to be home with the rest of our family, but miss the Geraldine and being with Mom and Dad. What a wonderful adventure.

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