Drop dead gorgeous

September 9th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

8/9 6:30 AM We have the 1st real rain of the trip. Perhaps that is a welcome to SE AK. We have a welder coming this AM to fix the wet exhaust leak we have lived with from nearly the beginning of the trip. Then we will refuel, send Pat to the airport for a CityTeam Board meeting next week (plus he is very eager to see Kathy, “the wife of his life” -7 weeks is a very long time) and be on our way east. We won’t get very far today but we do hope to get through the pass to the other side of the Aleutians.

8/9 midnight We had the wet exhaust welded – another fix! They did the TIG welding in the boat. We refueled at North Pacific Fuel and departed Dutch Harbor at 1:40 PM. We went trough Akutan Pass. This pass is smaller than the Unimak Pass but we wanted out of the wind and waves; it worked. We are at a beautiful anchorage in Seredka Bay on Akun Island. Tomorrow we will head east crossing the Unimak Pass opening but not going through it. Dutch Harbor is a very busy port. They claim more seafood volume than any port in America & I believe it. We watched a processing boat come in; the fish were unloaded already boxed. The Aleutians are drop dead gorgeous when the fog allows you to see.

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  1. Randy Jones Says:

    My map is showing hotsprings on the NE corner of Seredka Bay. Sounds like you could use a soak?

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