Elusive Aleutians

September 11th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

(55 deg 09.9 N, 161 deg 52.2 W) For as much scenery we saw yesterday, today was the opposite. Most of the afternoon we had visibility of about 1/8 th of a mile. There were some exceptions, but that was the rule. There may have been beautiful things to see, but we missed them. We got a false start this AM; it was so rough we turned back and re-anchored until about 1:15 PM – safety first. The anchorage was uncomfortable so we were anxious to leave at the sign of first let-up. As a consequence, we only went 55 miles today. We did have another first though. Ed chose what looked to be a beautiful protected cove – it is, but there are three other boats also anchored here! Ed has good taste. We haven’t seen this many boats in one place outside a marina this whole trip! The cove is on the north side of Dolgoi Island. Ed & Shane are working on an Arctic Char with sweet mustard sauce for dinner.

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  1. Pat Robertson Says:

    praying for you guys and asking for good weather and calm seas!! let us know how the new chefs do. I miss you guys. save the left over Arctic Char for Kips famous chowder receipe that is in the stage one cook-book.

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