Kodiak Adventures

September 15th, 2008 by Raime Jones

Hi! I’m Raime! Yesterday I arrived in Kodiak with my dad and Shane’s wife, Rebecca! I’ve been busy since we got here. I went to the harbor on Sunday afternoon and I saw a fisherman cutting octopus tentacles into little squares. Where they going to eat it? No. They were going to use it for bait. I asked them what they where catching — it was Halibut. 25,000 POUNDS in 3 DAYS!

Next, we saw the Geraldine.  She was beautiful.  Grandma Kip arrived from San Jose this evening, and we’re happy to have her aboard!

[Editor’s Note: The crew has posted photos all the way back to Nome — great shots!]

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  1. Rick and Lyla Nichols Says:

    It has been great following your adventures. It’s good to see Shane back together again!

  2. Cecile (Robertson) Kiesel Says:

    It took a child to do what I’ve been wishing for all along… captions on the pictures! Great work Raime. Cool jellyfish! It sounds like you’re having a fun adventure plus you’ve added a ray of sunshine to the crew. :o)

  3. Randy Jones Says:

    Hi Raime — You are going to have a great time! Keep those pictures coming. The octopus looks almost as gross as the sea cucumbers back in Maine when we were on the boat. El yucko! Love, Uncle Randy.

    Cecile — Kip has been diligently adding captions to all the photos, but a snafu has caused them not to import to the website automatically. At some point we will get all of her hard work posted. Probably not the last time I’ll be one-upped by my niece!

  4. Pat Robertson Says:

    Hi Raime
    You are going to have to be my replacement as photographer on the crew! you are doing a really great job.. I am really impressed! I will be praying for you that you have a wonderful time on the trip and that you see lots of wildlife and take lots of great pictures! I look forward to meeting you when you get back, we will all have to get together! we can have CCC’s with Ice Cream! Kip will keep us delighted with treats. Have lots of fun.

  5. Rebekah Says:

    Cool post! I hope the Captain lets you do a lot of blogging — you’re a great writer! 🙂

  6. Dave & Bena Larson Says:

    Walt, Kipp & crew, we’ve been following your adventures. You should be very proud of your accomplishments! Congratulations. We are in Haines, Alaska and will be boarding the ferry (Alaskan Marine Highway) on Monday, Sep 22, in Skagway. We’ll be making a brief stop in Sitka around 6:00PM on Tuesday, Sep 23. Will you be there then? It would be great to see you and the MV Geraldine. If you don’t have time, we understand. You have much more important things to tend to. Again, congratulations. Dave & Bena

  7. Dave & Bena Larson Says:

    Correction: We’ll be in Sitka around 4:00PM on Tues, Sep 23rd. Dave & Bena

  8. Joe Hernandez Says:

    Shane, so glad to see that Rebecca to join you on the trip, take care my brother, I just heard your dad give a report to the Board Meeting along with the PPT, it was great. I am so glad that you were along and being such a valuable team member. take care, joe

  9. Ryan Hare Says:

    I am glad you shaved for Rebecca, it was the least you could do. I hope you guys enjoy your time together and just relax and take in the sights. Have a safe trip back and maybe plan your next big adventure… the one where we are sitting out on a patio watching our …

    Love you guys… ryan, marilee and adam 🙂

  10. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    What a happy reunion. Enjoy every moment all of you! God’s best, MarcieB.

  11. Chuck Single Says:

    9/11/08 Raime, Scott, & Rebecca
    Suprise !! How nice that you, your Dad , and Rebecca got to meet Grandpa Walt, and crew (Shane & Ed) at Kodiac Island. Especially nice for Rebecca to see Shane. Rebecca looks like she could be Aunt Jenny’s sister ! Do you think so ?

    I want to thank you for your message to all of us, Raime. And glad that you get to see Geraldine (and Olive).

    You will always think of “taking Geraldine and going for a ride”, as I will hope to do one of these summers to go fishing (one of Grandma Single’s favorite things). Before Walt and Kip were married, we would go fishing in mountain streams in Colorado. Grandma Single and Walt could fish in the rain for hours, catch nothing, and have a grand time together.

    If Grandma Kip is there, too; It may mean that Geraldine will be stored in Kodiac Island, and you all will be flying home to San Jose !! I hope so.

    Have a wonderful visit, and a seafood meal cooked by Grandma Kip, on the boat. I hope you get to fish, also and get to take a salmon hope for your Mother, sister, and brothers.

    With much Love, Great Grandpa Single

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