One More Day!

September 25th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

(57 deg 19.3 N 135 deg 47.2 W – Kalinin Bay, Kruzof Island) What a great day! We were up with the stars at 3:30 am so that we could get out of Latuya Bay at slack water. There were two flashing lights we needed to have lined up to make sure our course was right for a safe exit through the narrow opening; all this in the dark but we made it just fine. The sky was crystal clear and beautiful as we watched the sun rise passing La Perouse Glacier which came right to water’s edge.

We went by Boussole Head where we saw a huge arch worn through the rocks. Further along the way we saw whales spouting and two tail shots with more beautiful mountain vistas. We traversed Cross Sound into fog momentarily, then came out and motored down Lisianski Straight, spotting a pair of bald eagles watching us from the tree tops!  We then went back out into the Gulf of Alaska to later come inland to Kalinin Bay where we are now at anchor.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow and we expect to reach Sitka by noon with no outside passages required! For a moment we had cell coverage and called Visa to pay the bill and the marina to confirm our reservation for a slip.

One more day left of this amazing adventure. We are so grateful for the privilege to do something so extraordinary and the safety afforded us and our wonderful crew. Praise the Lord!

Today I wrote out the recipes needed to write a journal cookbook, “Cooking your way through the Northwest Passage.” Maybe it can help offset the fuel bill!!!

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  1. Lyla Nichols Says:

    I’m Rebecca’s aunt. I have followed your adventure almost daily for over three months since I heard Shane was joining you, but before he got on board. It has been fascinating. Congratulations on reaching your goal (almost).

  2. Pat Robertson Says:

    Walt and Kip I am so excited for you and relieved that this long journey is almost over for you. I miss you guys and am so excited to see you close to the end of this amazing trek for this year. May God continue to amaze you with the beauty of His creation and may He bless you with His Presence as you finish this Trip of a Lifetime TOGETHER!!!!
    I had Jonathan my son do a little Photoshop work and I sent the photo to your home email account, Kip it is what we had talked about.
    Love you both and am so excited to see you again! We will celebrate with Triple C’s & Vanilla IC.
    Family for life!

  3. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Congratulations on running this race with endurance and to the finish, and for sharing your extraordinary adventure with us!! I’d love to join in the celebrations when you are back on the ground. Through this website, I’ve gotten to read and follow for three months so many comments from family and friends that the hypothesis of six degrees of separation may actually be true! Kip, I think it’s a SPLENDID idea to write a journal cookbook and get it published! And I really don’t think it’s bizarre to pray over the possibility that the adventure could be turned into a movie. What interests me most is whether and how this was also a spiritual journey for each one of the crew, and the eternal insights that may have come forth. One of the images that rattles in my heart and brain relates to you facing ice fields with no obvious sense of direction and with danger looming at every turn. Yet through faith, courage, common sense, honed skills, and good technology you ran the ice mazes and were protected. That is more than coincidental. Ship ahoy! MarcieB.

  4. Pat Robertson Says:

    Hi everyone I just spoke to Walt and they have safely arrived in Sitka, Alaska. Praise God for His faithfulness that we experienced in so many ways through-out the epic journey.

  5. Bill Sands Says:

    I have followed your trip “all the way.” I’m jealous but know I don’t have the endurance you have shown. God bless and I am can’t wait to see you and hear direct from the “skippers mouth.” Bill Sands

  6. Trish Foley Says:

    Halleujah,(pardon the spelling if it’s incorrect) to the Geraldine and her numerous crew… we congratulate you all for a job well done!!! You all did an amazing job inspite of so many hazards and complications and you obviously “stuck together” for the well fare of all.. We hope that many “amazing” projects result from this incredible journey.. The photos are worth a thousand words!! Continue on Geraldine, Walt and Kip!! There are so many journeys awaiting you after a “brief” rest, of course!! I continue to picture the “angel wings” cloud that followed you along your journey and for good reason, I’m sure!! Hope to hear more about your adventures in the future..God bless all!! Trish Foley and family

  7. Chuck Single Says:


    Such good news !! Only a day to go !! I also have followed your voyage every few days or so, but kept up with you and your many adventures and misadvertures. Walt, you should be so proud to have sucessfully completed a “Northwest Passage”:
    o with the support of a faithfull crew
    o with so many of us cheering you on (praying that you would “make it”)
    o one of 5 boats your size to do so in 2008
    o with visits from Randy, Jenny, Quinlan at the start
    o with visits from Scott and Raime at Kodiac Island
    o with your bride, Kip, returned to your side at the end
    o with God’s love and protection all the way.

    I’m sure that the crew has now become part of an extended family that will remain with you. Well Done !!

  8. Gary Ramos Says:

    Hi Walt
    Gary here of Arctic Wanderer I’m down in Austrailia wi Alex of Berimillia. I would still like to get a couple of photoes of your boat and crew for a book on all the small boats that have sailed the NW passage. I see you left your boat in Sitka, I use to live there.


  9. J Burke Says:

    Walt and Kip,

    I just came across this website, and WOW!

    I retired from IBM in 2002 and have been watching grandchildren as my exciting life. It has been 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Faith is still teaching elementary students (4th & 5th grade) in a private school in Roswell, GA.

    Hope all is well with you.

    J Burke
    Marietta, GA

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