Sad Sayonara at Seward

September 20th, 2008 by Shane Robertson

Woke up to an unusual sound…  No wind.  Finally the wind had calmed down, and we had swung 180 degrees.  We got an early start and headed out just as the sun came up.  We had substantial left over swell from the front that had passed, but as the day went on, the seas calmed down and the sun came out.  

We were treated to beautiful views of Petrof, Yalik, McArthur, Bear, and Godwin Glaciers; lots of ice, thankfully most on land!!!  We snuck through Nuka and McArthur Passes, as well as squeezed between two islands with widths down to 120 yards.  The glaciers were absolutely amazing as they wound from the high valleys down to the sea, and the blues were tremendous when the sun lit them up.  We stopped counting the waterfalls; however we did name a few in passing.  Most of the water was glacial in nature, as it had a blue milky color as the glaciers emptied into the waters we traveled.

This will also mark the disembarking point for Rebecca and I.   We look forward to following the Geraldine’s last steps home to Sitka where the journey will be complete.  It was a fantastic day with innumerable beautiful sights, and a great milestone as Geraldine clicked over 7,000 miles since leaving Maine.

Shane and Rebecca

Editor’s Note:  Please note that we have posted some of our bear pictures a few days back.  Enjoy!

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  1. Pat Robertson Says:

    Walt and Kip congratulations on making 7000 miles you are closer than ever to Sitka. I was thrilled by the bear pictures that was beautiful. Have a wonderful journey with the new crew. I saw Ed yesterday and we talked a lot about the Geraldine and our wonderful experience. God bless you as you continue the journey with out Shane and Rebecca.

  2. Linda Carreira Says:

    Great Bear pictures! The scenery is beyond gorgeous. God bless the two of you as you continue the journey together. See you soon!

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