Yukon River Delta

September 4th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We are 75 miles south of Nome approaching the Yukon River Delta. This river is huge and the delta area looks like the Mississippi; all kinds of low islands, shallow sloughs, and spoil areas. It is also populated with several native villages. It would be great to explore in the daylight especially with local knowledge, but we need to make tracks. We departed Nome at 6:20 AM in the dark. What a new experience after all the daylight we have had. Sundown was about 10:30 PM last night so we have quite a bit of darkness now. Seas are varied and sloppy, up to 2 meters. Crew changes are hard. We are missing Kip. At the same time we are breaking in Ed; so far so good; he is doing great.

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  1. Samantha Elliott Says:

    Your temporary loss of Kip is our great gain. We prayed her safely home, and we will continue to do the same for you! Thank you for using this great adventure of yours to show God’s amazing creation and His faithfulness to those of us at home.
    May God continue to guide,

  2. Paul Kennedy Says:

    Hi Walt,

    I’m glad to hear you’re proceeding safely. Here’s to smooth sailing the remainder of the voyage! 🙂


  3. Trish Foley Says:

    Hey crew of the Geraldine, Today is Friday the 5th of September and an unusually cool day in Missouri.. We follow your journey on a daily basis and will miss the blogs from Kip.. I’m sure you “guys” are all missing her enormously as well…Nothing like the feminine touch to make everything “cozy”… Glad to hear that Pat has taken charge as the “maestro de cuisine”… I’m not sure about “beans” and bread but I’m sure it was filling and good since Pat made it…BIG brother, we want to wish you a most wonderful BIRTHDAY tomorrow Saturday the 6th of Sept… We hope you have a most memorable (and uneventful) calm day on the seas.. Our card will be in Gilroy upon your arrival there… we love you and send our love to our sweet Shane as well… God’s blessings and guidance upon all of you guys.. We admire you!!!! Lots of love, The Foleys, Trish, Bill, Mike and Chris.. Thanks for the call, hope you received my return message!!!

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