October 9th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

One of the most exciting things we were able to see on our trip was the variety of icebergs we passed by.  We could not stop taking pictures of them in all their shapes and sizes.  I have put together a slide show of over 90 or our combined pictures and hope that you enjoy them.

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  1. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Truly an art show! What unique beauty. Thanks for giving us this gallery, Kip. MarcieB.

  2. Trish Foley Says:

    Incredible photography…the beauty of nature at it’s finest!!! Thank you crew for the incredible journey you have taken us on… We miss checking in on the blogs daily… When is the next voyage??? Take care all and enjoy the feeling of being on “terra firma”. The Foleys’.

  3. Chuck Single Says:

    Just thought I’d see what’s new, and it was icebergs!! So, If you unwind by adding pictures, I will continue to visit your website (blog?). The pictures were marvelous, Kip.

    You get an “Attaboy” sent with love.

  4. Patrick (Pat) Robertson Says:

    Kip thanks a lot!!! it is thrilling to look again at these pictures! It seems so long ago in some ways and it seems just like yesterday when I look at these pictures. I could almost hear the engine and feel the swaying on the waves. Thanks again to you and Walt for “The Trip of a Lifetime”!
    Victory Team Northwest Passage 2008

  5. Becky Lefrancois Says:

    Hi Kip, Thanks for sharing the adventure. How exciting that must have been, every day a new glorious scene to behold. I lived in Alaska for 20 years and never was able to see such wonder. I can’t believe how far you traveled, what a hill top moment for you and your husband to share. You look like a natural Kip.

  6. Gene Hachey Says:

    My family is planning to do the passage in 2015. We have a 35 ft boat that we are currently refitting. We live in Hay River, NWT so we will be starting on Great Slave Lake, down the Mackenzie to the Beaufort and on from there. I have run the MacKenzie many times and been as far as Tuk with my smaller boat so that is very familiar. After that, the adventure begins. Thanks for the insight from your journal and we hope to provide the same.

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