Fueling Up!

June 22nd, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones
We heard it was 107o in San Jose on Friday!  We could use some of that heat!  The pictures look sunny but it lasted only three hours and the rest of the time was foggy and drippy.  In addition to filling the fuel tanks we went to calibrate our instruments and motored about for a while today.  The carpeting has quieted down the engine noise down some more. I thought you might like to see the way we fuel up here;  from a gas truck and not from a pump on the dock.  674 gallons to top up!!!!  AGH!!!
I bought a locally made blueberry pie that finished off our chicken dinner tonight with a bang. Wish you could have shared it with us!  After church R, J and Q went to tour Acadia National Park.  The lupines are blooming and are taller than Quinny in all colors of pink to blue.

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  1. Chuck Single Says:

    I know friends (Pete Barhydt) who have a farm near Acadia National Park. I am so pleased that you are underway and keeping the tanks topped off.

    I will be following your progress almost every day.
    Smooth saling and God be with you all.


  2. Tom Gutshall Says:

    Let’s see. With marine fuel usually averaging above the price for unleaded standard, your fuel tank now contains the family budget for 2008. Bon voyage and safe journey!!
    Tom and Kipp (that’s the other Kipp)

  3. Chris Williams Says:

    Walt, I pray God’s blessing as you traveling enjoying the scenery,your family and Geraldine.
    Glad we were able to help with the coffee. See you when you return. Chris

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