More Pictures of Olive

June 21st, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Here are some more shots to show you how Olive fits on the flybridge.  The chocks that hold her need to be fiberglassed on so the dinghy has a permanent place to sit solidly.  We plan to leave the dock Tuesday, 6/24.  They have some electronics issues to work out and chocks to complete and we’ll be ready to fill the gas tank and take off. That credit card sizzle will add to the global warming!

Randy, Jen and Miss Q. come in today and will see Geraldine for the first time.  Since we aren’t leaving right away they will have a chance t check out Acadia National Park and get a hike in.

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  1. Chuck Single Says:


    Olive looks like a work of art (TLC) and should be quite useful.

    I have never seen you (Kip) and Walt look more happy.

    Grandpa Single

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