Day of Rest

July 26th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We stayed put all day and rested, worked radio issues etc. I understand the SSB radio a lot better but am not sure we are any better off. Much of the ice seems to be gone as we look out; we’ve been quite secure here. We raised the Nunavut flag today in a very “informal” ceremony. Charlotte, Pat’s Admin, is working spare parts and logistics; pray for devine connections.

I somehow forgot to report yesterday that Shane got off the boat and lept to a bergy bit. We took pictures of him and he us. We did go back & get him; he’s way too valuable to leave behind. (Rebecca, you will love this post – especially now that it is after the fact. After all, how many people have been adrift on an iceberg in the arctic? You will love the pictures.)

Water temperature is 36 degrees, air temp is 45.

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  1. Desiree Chapman Says:

    Hello !
    We’ve been tracking your progress and now my husband Brendan and all the guys at his firm are tracking you as well. All seem to be in awe (and a bit envious) 🙂 of your voyage.
    What wonders and glorious sights you’ve seen and experienced so far on your journey. May you have tons more fun and witness more of God’s beauty as you continue. I think soon you’ll be sailing over the ocean that the Ice Road Truckers drive across in the winters! Blessings on you all and enjoy each other as you journey together.
    ~Desiree and Brendan Chapman

  2. Chuck Single Says:

    I was right in thinking the decision time was on hand, and I see that you are taking the longer route.

    It really must be impressive to see all of the wonderful country, where man does not totally dominate the area. You are getting to see things I cannot imagine (until I get the many photographs that you describe so well). I look forward to seeing Shane “adrift” on an iceberg.

    The previous days may get a comment or two, but I’m now off to church.

  3. Jon McFarling Says:

    I am not sure my sister will be impressed with her husband even getting on an ice burg but that is Shane for you. Glad things are going fine looking forward to more pictures.

  4. Barbara Hranilovich Says:

    Good morning. I’m’ not sure who get this, but had to report in. I’d gotten a few e-mails from Geralding and the Arctic, but thought those were spam, so didn’t even look. My mother was talking about it this morning and I had the aha, so have now spent the last hour or so reading about your trip and looking at the photos. This is all so very cool! I get a thrill just reading about it.
    It’s so fun to see current photos of everyone and see the smiling faces. This is the definition of an adventure and I hope it all goes well.
    It’s on my favorites, now, so I’ll be in the loop.
    Take care.

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