Nunavut – Ice City

July 25th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

Queen Elizabeth Foreland of the Hall Peninsula (62 deg 22.9′ N, 064 deg 30.4′ W): We had non stop ice today. The Canadian Ice Service says we had 70% coverage, but we think less. We were dodging ice virtually all day. The ice authority says to forget the route through Fury & Hecla Strait. If you look at the NW Passage Page > Possible Routes, we’ve eliminated #1 as a possibility. We are finding that our charts lack the detail we’re accustomed from more “civilized” areas, so we are like early explorers. We saw many mirages today too, even a fishing boat that disappeared and was not on radar.

We had problems again with the water maker, and are trying to arrange delivery of replacement parts. In the mean time, the water tanks are full.

I am working on learning how the long range SSB radio works and weather fax too. There is time for tinkering as we run all day. Not a very eloquent post, but we are all tired. We are going to try and rest longer tonight.

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  1. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Here’s a map of a section of the west coast of Greenland that shows where our intrepid travelers might go for refueling and possibly to dodge some of the ice activity, as mentioned in their trip planning.


  2. Nelson Reed Says:

    Ahoy Captain, I’m a old buddy to Pat and Shane. He mentioned this trip might happen this year! Praise God you are at sea! Will be following your progress and praying for you all. Have Pat give me proper introductions to the crew and I will be mentioning you all before the throne. Oh, by the way, what is this about Pat getting skunked! Let’s hear some whale stories! Blessings, Nelson

  3. Nelson Reed Says:

    Sorry Captain, Noted the Crew tab at the top of the web page after sending my first comment. So there will be the five of you then. Make that six! God’s speed!


  4. Audrey Brown Says:

    Hey there crew! These pictures are beautiful! This is more of what I pictured and I am jealous! Love to see Shane on an iceberg! I would take the boat, but not an iceberg! They are beautiful, but scarey. Okay, now I am remembering movies with icebergs in them. Yep, I am going to pray!


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