Evening at Mills Harbour

July 23rd, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We left Nain at 6:30 PM and motored through Port Manvers Run. While we dined on pizza and salad. This is one of the prettiest parts of the trip – simply gorgeous. We had another beautiful sunset too. The currents were strong and we got both a 3 knot lift and a 3 knot adverse current in different sections of the run. We continue to see the Inukshuk rock formations on the high places of the hills/mountains like the one at the entrance to Nain & also represented on the Nunavut flag. The people build these everywhere we’ve been in Labrador.

The engine shut down problem is a failed fuel cut-off solenoid, so Shane now goes down into the engine room to manually operate the valve in order to shut down the motor. Fortunately, we don’t do it often.

We are surrounded by cliffs rising out of the cove to about 2000′ straight up. Reminds us of Yosemite or Punch Bowl cove in Alaska. We can’t wait to get up & see the sunrise against this backdrop.

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  1. Jeff and Becky Davis Says:

    How blessed you are to experience the majesty of GOD’s creation on this fascinating trip and how gracious of you to share your experience with your friends and prayer partners so we can stay connected with you.
    To GOD be all the glory!

  2. Tim and Chris Thiessen Says:

    We are enjoying reading up on your adventures (good and bad) and wish we were on the boat, too! The photos are gorgeous…calendar worthy, for sure. Tim said he would take your favorites and create one for you after you return home. I’ve been so sheltered here in beautiful Oregon that I know so little about Eastern Canada. Tim gets a kick out of me trying to figure out where you are. I guess I need a bigger map to put it in better perspective. I’m learning, though.

    You continue to be in our prayers! Have a great time.

  3. Michael Pounds Says:

    I read your Updates early every morning and pray for you. The pictures are so crisp.We now have three “possible routes” maps near Rebekah’s desk at CityTeam Support Services,and a picture of Walto at the helm!

    May God accomplish His purposes in and through you today.


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