Finding Iceberg Alley

July 18th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Tonight we landed in a place called Cartwright, Labrador and found a grocery store, fuel and a pub with wifi so we can jump on and share some of the dramatic and majestic pictures of icebergs we saw today and yesterday. The coast of Labrador is called Iceberg Alley and we have begun to see them coming past us like large cruise ships. They calve large bergy bits and chunks of ice so Shane netted some ice for the cooler; filled it with two pieces!  Humpback whales were feeding and even breeched near our boat; Pat caught the splash with his telephoto.  He also caught the great puffin picture.  

In the afternoon the seas picked up, it began to rain and became really choppy. Approaching Cartwright our engine faltered and we motored to dock with the get home motor. So tomorrow will be another day of trouble shooting. Pray for wisdom for the men to diagnose and correct the problem for good. We’ll update tomorrow with the results.

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  1. Scott Jones Says:

    Eason says, “Wow, that looks cool, and fun!”

    I’ll say it looks cool. Your pictures are fantastic! Seeing the icebergs, whales and even puffins makes what you’re doing really hit home here. We’ll look forward to hearing your update on the engine, and will pray that you’re able to finally put this trouble behind you.

  2. P & D Kortes Says:

    Sorry That you didn’t have time to visit Red Bay. We will be waiting to hear about your motor repair. Those ice bergs are spectacular. So are the pictures.


  3. Jack & Wai Chan Says:

    Hi S-kipperoos!

    Your pictures and chronicles help make these souls faraway in Asia feel as if they’re right there with you on the journey!
    Simply fabulous! Remembering you from over here.

  4. M'Ellen Alden Says:

    Contaminated fuel is very common and just plain water is the bane of a diesel engine. The symptoms you cited sound familiar to me. I have seen water contaminated diesel delivered to submarines from an 8K gallon truck straight from the fuel farm. I do not know your fuel stowage situation but I hope you have a ‘ready tank’ — separate from the storage tank(s) — for direct delivery of fuel to the engine. A filter system is needed both in the shore delivery line and between the ready and storage (sometimes called ‘settling tank’) system. Your trip will require several fuelings and I will bet you have not seen the end of what might be contaminated fuel. If you have a pump-driven filter system it should be used daily and the storage tanks should have a system for pumping out the bottom few inches everynow and then. In addition, the water where you are going will be very cold and your fuel system will have a problem pumping cold, more viscus fuel oil. Normally, the ready tank will have a heater and the filtering system can be used to heat simply by the friction of pumping. It will help. Good luck in all this. MAlden

  5. Dave Cooper Says:

    Re the fuel issue. I’d look for a small vacuum leak associated with the heavier fuel due to the temperature drop. If there is any small leak then you’ll pull air. I assume that the tanks were cleaned before you left as part of the trip prep.
    If you have a aux electric fuel pump, I’d leave it on as we do in Swan Song. A fuel failure in a single engine passage maker trawler is no fun. Usually the boost from the electric pump will keep you going Unless it is the secondary filter that is plugged
    Great pictures and good luck.
    Dave Cooper

  6. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    For all of us less technical landlubber types that want to follow the conditions as you travel, I’ve found that is helpful in knowing a bit more about what the crew is experiencing. There very well may be a better link, but I’ll bet someone will let all of us know!!

    As an instance, for Cartwright, here is today’s forecast using this url for your browser:

    God’s blessings, MarcieB.

  7. The Chens Says:

    Those photos are stunning. I can’t believe how big those icebergs are, and how cold it got getting near it! You are truly on an adventure of a lifetime. But we still miss you here! Looking forward to your return next month and hearing of more adventures from you. Do take care. Thanks for keeping us all posted!

  8. Michael Pounds Says:

    Thanks for the daily updates.Apparently Shane rocks in help keep the boat moving! The President of CityTeam wearing his SILK long johns-what a visual image.Pictures please?


  9. Chuck Single Says:

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