Indian Harbour, Labrador

July 19th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We left Cartwright at 2 PM after effecting repairs. We had more fuel related problems. In addition, we had a leak in the exhaust manifold which allowed salt water to escape onto alternator #2. So we had trouble. The entire city turned out to check us out and offered help. We also met the ferry and the ferry captain and first mate who also offered help, but at the end of the day it was Shane to the rescue. Shane fabricated a cold patch to the exhaust using epoxy, rubberized tape and aluminum tape. I reworked the alternator so it again puts out 14 volts. Shane also cleaned out fuel lines and swapped out the on-engine fuel filter. In short all was in order & we were off. We only went about 50 miles in sloppy seas and overcast sky to Indian Harbour where we are anchored for the night. The boat ran really well.

What a beautiful and interesting place Indian Harbour is. It once was a hospital & fishing outpost but now has been abandoned since the late 90’s. Who knows why it was here; I surely can’t figure it out.

We are beginning to see the Inukshuk rock formations on the surrounding hilltops. For those who have read about the Nunavut flag elsewhere on the website will know that this is a landmark symbol the Inuit people used for for direction and is now the symbol of Nunavut and the Inuit people in general.

I am writing this at 11 PM and it is almost dark. The moon is about to rise over Indian Island. Sunrise will be about 4:40 AM. We also have left the heat wave of Nova Scotia behind and we are now in a cold climate – 50 degrees. Pat wore his silk long johns for the first time (picture that 🙂 The water is colder too, in the 40’s when no ice is present. We did see a small berg this afternoon and a growler plus some brash ice.

We will set out early tomorrow to make up some time. We will be traveling up the Labrador coast for the next few days. We still have 1400 miles to go go north before turning west. It’s off to bed.

Hope all is well on the home front – miss you all.

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  1. Ted & Pam Bancroft Says:

    I hope your fuel problems are behind you. Your blog is a fascinating read, please keep it up. I’m happy to know what a ‘growler’ is– next time I see one at Vasona Lake, I’ll know what to call it.

    With best wishes for smooth sailing… Our prayers and best wishes.

    Ted & Pam

  2. P & D Kortes Says:

    Hi All. Peg and I never cease to be impressed with all of the help that you get from the local folks. It really goes to show you that there are a lot of good people in this world.

    We need an ice report along the Northwest Passage routes. Give all of us trackers an update.

  3. Ally Says:

    I hope your fuel problems are behind you.Your blog is quiet impressive to read, please keep it up and may GOD BLESS YOU.
    thanks and regards !

  4. Randy Says:

    Hi Don, the Bremen Ice Forecast link under NWPassage > Ice Forcasting > Updated Every Day shows the latest photo every time you click it. — R

  5. Joe Hernandez Says:

    yeah for the guys and the repairs, way to go Shane, still thinking about Pat and his silk long johns, sure hope they were either grey, black, or white and not some other color, perhaps navy, but that is it……….. looking forward to the next update, take care, joe

  6. Kathy Boselli Says:

    Hello to all the crew on Geraldine from the lone resident of Pig Island! Got home today and was finally able to look at all your fantastic photos. Kip, you look so happy with your handful of ice! Without your refrigeration system I can see why! Loved the picture of the puffin. Friends at the WYC will love it when there is a photo of the bow of Geralidine with the club burgee hanging on the memory wall. Skip reports that you are all eating great meals. Way to go Kipper! Hopefully you will be without needing repairs for a while so you can continue to make good progress. Keep the photos coming. They are the best! Love, Kathy (wife of crew member Skip)

  7. Charlotte Coulter Says:

    Hi all,

    Love all your ongoing reports. It is so fun to see the pictures. Those icebergs are amazing !!!! (Not to mention whales, etc) The water may be cold, but the color is BEAUTIFUL. !!! Way to go with repairs, Shane….

    Pat, Jeff wants you to check the minutes left on the the satellite phone to make sure you have enough. Dial 2888 (send) and they will give you the remaining minutes. (Jeff says you have done it before). That way, if you need more minutes we can take care of it before you run out.

    This website is wonderful… What a blessing it is to all of us to be able to see what is happening as you travel along. We continue to pray for you….. God bless you.

  8. Chuck Single Says:

    Randy: Thanks for the ice forcasting website. I will track that one,too.

    Your parents are rather special, but so are the crew members

    I liked the comments from other trackers on the many friends you make along the way (typical). I am proud to be one of those friends !

  9. Ron Roberts Says:

    Glad to see that you enjoyed your stay at Indian Harbour. Have many memories of this place.


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