First Day for Second Shift

July 16th, 2008 by Pat Robertson

We were so excited this morning we could hardly sleep! We pulled out at 6:40 this morning and it was an absolutely beautiful day all day long and this land-lubber didn’t get sick! Skipper Walt had suspected that he had something tangled in the prop so the low man on the Totum pole Shane put on his wet-suit and went in the water. He found this wrapped around the prop and shaft. He cut it loose and the boat ran so much better, Shane is the Hero for the day! We docked the night in Port aux Choix it is a great place for exploring. A 1/2 gallon of milk is $5.00, more expensive than diesel fuel! For our first day it was grand. I’ll let Shane add his comments. Thanks for your prayers, we have many more days ahead of us.

“Its a great feeling jumping into unknown waters and swimming underneath to take a look at “something” that could be wrong. Its nice and bright on the surface but underneath it gets real dark in a hurry!! Its amazing how fast it will take your breath away, and with a 15′ beam its a bit of a swim.”


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  1. Rebecca Robertson Says:

    There’s my crazy man getting in the water. What you all don’t know is that he was secretly excited about the idea of getting in the water. In fact he had been planning on it even if there wasn’t a reason. Looks like the camera and wet suit were good choices, great pic of the prop tangle Hon. Praying for God’s continued protection and good internet access!! Love to you all (but especially the crazy man!!!)

  2. Randy Jones Says:

    Holy Jacque Cousteau, what a crew upgrade! All we did was sit around, eat, and throw up. Much more of this and they won’t make you sleep on the dining table. Great stuff!

  3. Michael Pounds Says:

    Be careful and blessed..and enjoy God’s creation!

    Mike Pounds

  4. P & D Kortes Says:

    Hi Geraldine Gang,

    Peg and I are tracking your travels. We look forward to the daily posting AND pictures. Since your in the hood, we hope that you will have an opportunity to spend a little time at Red Bay. It is a very historic and interesting place. It was a very important fishing station for a couple of a hundred years, like the 16th and 17th centuries. You are getting into the part of your trip that is familiar to us. Enjoy it.

    God Speed


  5. Jennifer Borden Says:

    Shane~ I guess its your turn to get dumped off the back of the boat, eh? =) Looks like you’re having fun- keep it up!

  6. Scott Adams Says:

    Good job shane, be careful… We all wish you Good luck on this awesome adventure.
    The Crew at 3form.

  7. Trish Foley Says:

    Hey Pat, Shane and Geraldine crew, What an exciting adventure, we are loving following your journey daily and seeing all the great photos…awesome!!!!! Pat, we admire your enthusiasm and love of life and adventure… you are pretty amazing for an ole guy!!!!! So good to see pics of Shane and all the crew.. I’m envious of the lobster and crab so if you have any extra you can send them my way… don’t get much of the fresh stuff here in Mo.. It has been hotter than hell and you know the humidity in Mo. is “misery”.. Mom will be coming back on Sat… Kiny is coming up to pick her and “little boy” up… Bill and I are taking a short “vacation” to Lake Taneycomo (by Branson) for the weekend..Keep writing and tell us how everyone spends their days… Who is commander of the boat, what are you seeing.??? So many questions.. I’m sure that Rebecca is one lonely little lady right now as is Kathy… they are going to be so glad to have their men back home..Will be calling Kathy tonite.. Sleep tight and God bless… enjoy every day.. Love you all, Trish

  8. Rick Shurtliff Says:

    Greetings to the new and old crew of the Geraldine and especially to Shane “The Man” Robertson. Nice work detangling the prop. Looks like it was a nasty one. I love being able to keep up with you and get to know everyone else through this site. The comments and the pictures are especially fun. It seems to be a good time so far with plenty of work and things to learn. We all miss you and I can’t tell you how nice it was to have you working for me, and really with me. Keep the posts and pictures coming and have a great time on this once in a lifetime journey.

  9. bob mcfarlane Says:

    what’s up shane – you’re looking like a million bucks buddy! we all miss you and hope you’re having a fantastic time. Remember you promised me that you would bring me back a glass fish;) good-luck to all of you!!!

  10. Ron Clay Says:

    Shane, I am so jealous! I am a certified diver and have never gotten to do anything as cool as that! The trip looks to be off to a good start and I am wishing a praying for the best at all times. I look forward to enjoying your escapades over the top.

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