Harrigan Harbour, Labrador

July 21st, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We departed Webeck Harbour today at 7:15 AM after cleaning the watermaker filters and topping up the batteries. When Shane pulled up the anchor there were several spiny sea urchins on the chain. The day before he found pink worms the size of his small finger in the sea weed we were anchored in that he also hauled up! UGH! We went about 100 nautical miles further north in absolutely perfect weather and calm seas to Nunaksaluk Island and anchored at Harrigan Harbour. We haven’t seen another boat for the last three days; since Cartwright. By the way, the boat engine is running great since the repairs.

The surrounding area is very rugged, rocky with few trees and reminds us some of Caples Lake area above the tree line near Lake Tahoe. There are no signs of human intervention here except a navigational light and on a far mountain top, a radar tracking station! We saw an incredible number of icebergs today- maybe 50- throughout the day so the frequency is really increasing. We saw a couple up close and personal: wait for the pictures when we get internet access. We also saw a fata morgana. This is an arctic mirage created by cold water and warm air (it got as high as 76 degrees today.) The mirage looked like a 100 foot high wall with multiple bergs; very bizarre and fortunately for us unreal! We spent time on the flybridge which was lovely.

The refrigerator died completely today. It is sad that after two repair men worked on it, it is now worse than when we started. DEAD! The good news is we picked up some glacial ice from the bergs and have two ice chests full.

Tomorrow we are off to Nain which is the northern most ferry stop in Labrador. There is an active Moravian Mission there which we hope to visit along with getting fuel. We hope to access the internet and download pictures there. Who knows when the next opportunity will occur.

Kip is keeping us well fed; no complaints in that department. Even Mr. Boselli is happy!

We send our love to you guys and miss you so much. What an adventure this is.

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  1. Lyla Nichols Says:

    Following your adventure with great interest and prayers. Fascinating!!
    Looking forward to more pictures. Ropes on propellers, giant worms on the anchor–Shane, you are finding the most interesting things! Lyla (Shane’s “aunt-in-law”)

  2. Paula Leong Says:

    Hi Kip and Walt,
    Every night I check out your website before turning in and “ooh” and “aah” over the details of the days adventures. So glad your engine and other systems are working well and hopefully will stay that way. This is some adventure…
    We miss you too and send love and prayers your way.
    Love, Paula

  3. Chuck Single Says:

    It’s been a couple of days since I “followed your journey”. I know you appareciate that the engine is working just fine and am sorry about your frig.

    This adventure of yours is a great adventure that will be an all time keepsake for all of your heirs.

    I look forward to the even bigger icebergs, bears(?), and whatever comes our way.

    Much Love,

    Grandpa Single

  4. Pam and Jeff Thiemann Says:

    Hi to all of you, especially Kip and Walt! Wow!!! How exciting and amazing to hear about this great adventure you are on. You must be thinking of our wonderful God everyday as you see the world as He made it without all our manmade additions like houses and stores, etc. (Although it is nice to have those things!) I found out about your trip from Pam Wangbickler so I will pray for your journey and enjoy your photos and writings. We were in Alaska in June on a one week cruise through the Inside passage which was fantastic but your trip must be jaw-droppingly spectacular and an adrenaline rush. We love you. Pam and Jeff

  5. The Nazari's Says:

    Dear Kip, Walt and crew,
    We are so enjoying your blog, thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with us all! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we can’t wait to welcome you home and
    celebrate with you. In the meantime, Godspeed to you,

    With love,

    the Nazari’s

  6. Randy Jones Says:

    That is a great picture of Fata Morgana! (Photo 10 of 12) It was this very phenomenon that made John Ross the subject of public ridicule after his search for the NW Passage in the 1800’s because he ran into mirage “mountain ranges” blocking his path, and turned back without further exploration.

  7. Kathy Boselli Says:

    If a refrigeration system is going to fail, you are at least in the right place. Looks like there is plenty of ice to scoop up for your coolers! Your pictures continue to be so fantastic in giving those of us at home a sense of your journey. Skip, did you bring a razor?? Looking a little “grizzly”! Love, Presh

  8. Lore Burke Says:

    Wow!! What and incredible adventure. It’s been so interesting from the beginning but now it’s starting to be a “page turner”. I’m thankful that God’s has had Angels in all the necessary times and places and pray they will be “continually ministering”.
    Kip – Called Anna and she’s praying about an interview – appeared very excited – lots of questions!!!
    Praying God’s watchcare over you and Geraldine.


  9. Keith and Wendy Walters Says:

    Hey Pat,
    Saw the photo’s. Looks like grace! Tried to call you but forgot you were on this adventure. I can imagine the wonders of our Father’s hand is up close and personal for you. Plenty of time to be still in His creation? Yes? You are blessed. My email: kwalters22@yahoo.com; 530-889-1000

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