Webeck Harbour, Labrador

July 20th, 2008 by Scott Jones

Tonight I got to talk to Mom and Dad on their satellite phone. When I saw a caller-id with 12 digits, I thought that it might be them. It took a few seconds for the connection to get established, and then I was talking with Mom, as if she was just around the corner! They are now in a place called Webeck Harbour, in Labrador, Canada, which is just past a peninsula of land called Cape Harrison.

This morning they headed out at 4:45 am, leaving early to try to make a very long run. The seas built up until they were “terrible”, about 8-10 feet straight on the nose. Eventually, they decided to pull in and wait out the storm while anchored in a place called Fulton Harbor. They all had a good nap, and took showers to pass the day. Apparently Skip and Shane took showers out on the back deck (they air temperature was 48 degrees!). She didn’t say why they chose to do this — it would take more than a dare, or a desire to test out the deck shower to convince me to shower in the cold outside!

They left Fulton Harbor at 5 pm after the storm had passed, with enough sunlight left in the day to allow them to still make about 60 miles. They passed 5 more icebergs, and were especially impressed with a large one that was crammed up against the land as they “turned left” near where they are anchored tonight. It was at least 30 feet tall, and I think that it is the closest that they have been to an iceberg so far. Skip and Pat have taken lots of really great photos that they look forward to sharing with us when they can.

Mom reports that the mosquitos in Labrador are “major” and that Shane has given quite a bit of blood and is covered in bites. He is sleeping in the rearmost area of the boat near the doors and windows and is trying to expose only his nostrils as he sleeps buried under his covers. As the air temperature continues to drop, they are beginning to use the heater for the interior of the boat, and some condensation is beginning to form on their windows.

I asked if they have made any decisions regarding their route. They have not decided whether they will be turning west into the Hudson Strait, or whether they will continue up the coastline of Baffin Island. They are inclined to stay near the shore rather than to cross over to the coast of Greenland, as they have liked being able to pull into harbors to ride out storms or make repairs, and they think that ice conditions will allow this.

Mom again said how much they have appreciated all of your prayers. When things have gone wrong, they have always been near a place where they can get help. Thank you!

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  1. Isaac Montoya Says:

    Shane….donating blood seems to be his specialty! 🙂 Final score: Shane 0 / Mosquito’s 12,518!

    Please relay to Shane that we are watching and our thoughts and prayers are with him and the crew!

  2. Trish Foley Says:

    Hey all you guys and gal, we are watching you daily… what awesome pictures we are receiving..Pat, did you get the scalloped potato recipe? How did they turn out?? You could also make quiche, if you have eggs.. went to a local restaurant recently where they used thinly sliced potatos for the crust!!! It was good.. Just an idea!! Hope you are all well our thoughts and prayers are with you daily!!! Just curious about Shane and Skip and the outdoor shower in 48 degree weather….Are you guys crazy or is it just the adventure that got your juices flowing?? Perhaps too long away from the loved ones??? Just kidding!! Love you all, and God bless.. Trish Foley (Pat’s sister and Shane’s aunt in Missouri-it’s 95 degrees today with 100% humidity) We envy you!!!

  3. mark kunz Says:

    hey mariners!
    are you planning on climbing aboard an iceberg at some point? those babies are impressive! the pictures and voyage are great so far! has the icebreaker come into play yet? nice shot of the fouled prop and nicer job of clearing her!!! Godspeed!

  4. Randy Jones Says:

    I see a fishing pole out. Have you caught anything?

  5. Chuck Single Says:

    My recollection is that some 90% of the iceberg is below the water ! and with the pecular shape above the water. there must be pecular shapes below the water.

    My guess would be you need to “STAY ALERT!” (i.e., don’t ram one of those babies)

    The pictures are excellent. Keep up the good work.

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