Moored at Iqaluit

July 28th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

After running all night, we went through one last ice field and we are now at Iqaluit on a mooring. Joe let us have it, and is putting his boat in the mud. One more Peets coming up! The only dock dries at low water, so all needs to get done via Olive and we have a lot to do! Weather is cold and overcast/drizzly.

Editor’s Note: The updates regarding the decision to head to Iqaluit and the arrival there all came in at once, but we’ve put them in at the appropriate times when they were actually written.  Rebecca (Shane’s wife) says that she talked with Shane after they arrived, and that they will be trying to post some pictures soon.

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  1. Cathy Wilson Says:

    Hi Kip and crew! We have so enjoyed watching the progress of your exciting journey. I can’t wait to hear all the stories when you return. I am praying for health and safety for all of you, and that you would feel God’s holy presence with you each step of the way. Many blessings, Cathy

  2. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    To the crew………..may the God of the universe and of our hearts keep you safe, protect your health, bring those who can help, and give you peace. I pray that all of the logistics that you are dealing with will bring you the needed parts and the necessary fixes so that you can continue your journey on time and as planned. I also pray that in this amazing experience, your hearts will be permanently changed by God’s grandeur and the people He puts in your path. May the costs and expenses remain within budget and may you depend on Him at all times. May you be disciples by your actions and I am grateful that many are covering you in prayer all along the way. I’m glad you’re in the booming city of Iqaluit where I pray all of your needs are met. Can’t wait for the photos when there’s time! MarcieB.

  3. Trish Foley Says:

    Dearest Pat and Shaney, I am thinking about you everyday, in the morning and at night.. I am in hopes that you are keeping warm and that you and your friends are well.. I also hope that you haven’t gotten seasick… I had a good time in California with Amy, the kids and Bootsie and I enjoyed seeing Janna and little Patrick in her lovely home. I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are having but hopefully you can get the problems solved. Have you been successful with the scalloped potatos? How is the food holding out? Have you eaten a lot of lobsters?? If you have an abundance just ship a few in my direction.. The Mo. weather is typical for this time of year.. 90-100 degrees and the humidity matches!! I sure miss walking on the beaches in Santa Cruz.. Shane you be very careful, sounds like you are quite the daredevil!! Steve is doing well and I talked to Kathy on Monday evening, she was anxious to hear from you.. I send my love to you and Shane and will be praying for your safety. Warmest regards to your friends. Love, Mom with help from Trish

  4. Charlotte Coulter Says:

    Pat (and fellow travelers)

    I’m on my way with parts to DHL. If everything goes well in customs, the package will be in Ottawa on Thursday where it will be transfered to First Air for the only flight into Iqaluit on Friday morning. If all goes well, they will arrive on Friday at 12:15. First Air only guarantees 1 – 3 days after it arrives and I can’t get anyone to try to push it through. It is not a very heavy box (13 lbs), so they say the chances are very good it will get on the Friday flight. Please pray all goes smooth and connections are made to get it there ASAP. I will be in touch with DHL as soon as they get it to Ottawa to get the Way Bill number, so I can track when it leaves. Then I will call you as soon as I hear anything. First Air has to do a new bill as soon as they get it, and they have my phone number for billing. I will follow the shipment with DHL so if they don’t call, I will call them. I have been in touch with them, so let’s pray they will be open to doing all they cant to help us out.

  5. Trish Foley Says:

    Dearest all, we continue to follow this incredible journey with you (but unfortunately, not with you)…. We were saddened to hear of the engine problems but know in our hearts that you have some souls on board with special connections to the highest of powers.. therefore we place our faith in the Lord to watch over all of you.. We are all well and keeping an eye (and an ear) on each other.. We pray that all the problems you have recently encountered will be resolved in short order and we continue to pray for the safety and welfare of all of you on board.. We are all anxiously awaiting recent photos of all the “glory” you have been describing..Thanks to all those who have been writing the blogs.. we look forward to them daily with great anticipation.. Keep a close eye on Shane… he is too much of a daredevil…those young’uns have no fear!!! Love to all of you, Trish (sister of Pat and aunt of Shane) Hope you received the message mom wrote from my house! Trish

  6. Richard Mandeville Says:

    Skip and everyone else:

    I am really enjoying your great voyage. I never thought that the Northwest Passage would be available to adventurers like you. Wonderful but obviously dangerous; spectacular, awesome. Skip looks great with his facial hair.

    Are you catching any fish or do you keep getting skunded?

    Keep the updates and pictures coming.


  7. Joe Hess Says:

    Hi Guys ! Glad you made it and hope to see you sometime. Joe From Iqaluit

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