More of the same…

July 29th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

We are waiting on parts which we expect Friday. In the mean time we have been cleaning up some of the list if issues with the boat – mainly electrical issues that were caused, I think, by the salt water bath taken when the watermaker blew again. The main engine still doesn’t run & we think it is a bad starter motor or a bad battery cell. We hope there is nothing else wrong.

The weather here is cold with rain AND ice. The locals say it is the worst in 10 years. So much for global warming – at least this week. We have been pushing off growlers and even some bergy bits, The winds are out of the SE so they blow right into the harbor. We have been bumped a few times; fortunately they move pretty slowly. I worry though about some of these underwater appendages reaching under the boat.

Things are expensive in Iqaluit. Without the watermaker, we will soon need water. We were told that many of the homes receive water service via truck; we thought great, but then learned that the minimum charge for water delivery is $200. This isn’t Perrier! We need about 130 gallons. So Pat went to the store and they had a 7 gallon container of water for sale for $27. Well, it’s our new friend Joe to the rescue. He loaned us a container and it was full; he has promised more for tomorrow. ¬†Aren’t the people here really nice and friendly toward strangers. They seem to have the time and are willing to invest it with us. We should be more like that to others at home.

So far we haven’t been able to connect to the internet; we’ll keep trying. We know you are going to like the pictures.

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  1. Joe Hernandez Says:

    guys, glad that you have some very handy fellows on board that are good at troubleshooting and creative engineering. Hope that all the repairs come along well and allow you to move along on the journey, looking forward to the pics, take care, joe

  2. mike and pat moore Says:

    HI Kip,Walt,and Crew:My admiration for you grows each time I read about another mechanical problem.Your ability to stay positive,believe in a solution,and find help at every turn,confirms His Blessing is with you!Keep it up!!! Regards,Mike and Pat

  3. Judy Borlase Says:

    To Kip and Walt, my adventurous friends. Seeing your pictures and hearing your story takes one back to the 1600’s in one’s mind. Dangers seem to be there just about as much for you in spite of more modern communication. And Kip, the meals you are putting on the table!!
    I pray for your journey to prosper and that there will be hundreds of friends to welcome you at journey’s end.
    May God bless your endeavour.

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