Fiesta Food Fotos

July 30th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

Still eating well:

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  1. Jeff and Becky Davis Says:

    Looks like you are all eating a truly outstanding cuisine! How blessed you are to have Kip taking care of this vital activity for you. You have many people praying for you that your mechanical problems will be conclusively resolved in a timely manner.

    To GOD be all the glory!

  2. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    It is soooo good to see all of you, and it brightens my day! I can tell you’re trying to keep veggies and fruit (juice, canned, fresh??) in your diet, and the baking is so tempting. It’s too bad blogs don’t have the scent of apple pie wafting through the cables. Remember “Smellavision?” Now we need “Kip’s Kitchen Aromas.” Truly, I am relieved to see the photos, and I’ll continue to pray for full repairs. How do you take showers when there’s no water maker, and the cost of water is gold???? MarcieB.

  3. P & D Kortes Says:

    By the looks of the cuisine, it looks to me like your on a float and bloat trip!!!

  4. Sandee DeBella Says:

    All I can say is can we borrow Kip when we go camping!! Hope your parts arrive on time and you are back up and running soon. You are in wonderful hands with Charlotte running defense over here for you! Keeping you all in prayer.

  5. Jennifer Borden Says:

    I don’t eat that well at HOME!!

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