What Happened to July 23rd?

July 24th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

After logging more than 100 miles it was time to stop for the night. We chose Hebron Harbour (58 deg 12’N, 62 deg 37’W) which was next to Jerusalem. These looked like interesting places as they were home for another Moravian Mission. The mission itself was prefabricated in England in 1829. It was closed in 1959; the people were relocated to Nain by the Canadian Government. Many of the relocated people are back today reconstructing the mission; we saw several workers ashore. However, the anchorage was foul with kelp beds throughout the harbor and there was no safe place to anchor. We made the decision to run all night slowly with two on watch for bergs. We saw several. Fortunately, night light was good this far north, supplemented by the moon was really a dim twilight so we could see pretty well. This was a new experience for Pat & Shane.

As I write this email it is 6 AM and the engine has been running for 24 hours straight. We are headed for the tip of Labrador today and hope to cross into Nunavut tomorrow. (Current position is 58 deg 50.27’N, 62 deg 48.83′ W) We are all fine but tired. I am sure there are naps in our future! Oh, I should add, we are now officially in Polar Bear country. I don’t know when we will be able to send pictures again, but the mountains and fiords are simply breathtaking.

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  1. M'Ellen Alden Says:

    07/24 Thanx for the lat. and lon. It really helps. Big decision coming for you. Foxe Basin looks like the ice will be a problem but not insurmountable. I bet the FH Straight will be iffy for awhile. Can you get a new fuel line cut off solinoid air delivered to you enroute? I would not like to be the guy who has to go into the engine compartment to shut the fuel valve if there is a fire down there.

    Stay well, MAlden

  2. Lem Says:

    It’s been a lot of fun keeping up with your journey through this blog. Thanks for all the updates! I wish I could see Polar Bear country with my own eyes, it must be extraordinary. Can’t wait for the photos!

  3. Bill Mullen Says:

    Dear “Mr Adventurer, Mrs Adventurer, and the Adventurettes”,
    Walt, it is Thurs AM and I just met with our fellowship group – you are sorely missed, and so is your $20 contribution. I guess you are saving a lot money! Needless to say we added our prayers to all the many others for both your safety and the excitement of a one-in-a-lifetime experiences.
    Each day it is so clear you all experience living in the palm of God’s loving hand – it is such a reminder as each of us navigate daily in our own challenging and uncertain seas.
    If you have any specific prayer requests, please let us know. Your Brother, In Christ

  4. Rick Shurtliff Says:

    Uh Oh! Not the dreaded polar bear! Time for the “repellant” to come out I guess! Stay safe with those big guns.

  5. Paul and Kay Tokar Says:

    Dear Kip and Walt and shipmates,
    Our prayers for safety are following you and God is faithfully answering. I hope that Shane can keep on shutting off the boat so that you won’t have to ride on indefinitely!
    Kip, did you receive the sad news that Maggie Anderson’s husband, Jack, died suddenly of a heart attack on Tuesday noon? The memorial service is Saturday, July 26. My heart goes out to her and her family!
    What exciting sights you are seeing. I hope that you’ll see many polar bears – they are favorites of ours as you know from often being in our living room!!! Tons of love, Kay & Paul

  6. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    May God shine His face upon you and give you rest………….and may the teddy bears……….errrrrr…polar bears…be awesome at a comfortable distance. MarcieB.

  7. Ed Wright Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful virtual adventure. Your daily log and pictures are terrific.

    I guess Mr. Mullen didn’t get the word on covering the coffee costs. He hasn’t come by to pick up the $20. Incidentally, if he plans on using it for Starbucks coffee, the offer is off. This is a Pete’s journey so if he doesn’t plan on using it for there coffee he can cover the cost himself.

    Blessings to you all,

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