Another Update at 7:45pm

August 3rd, 2008 by Randy Jones
The Candian Ice Service is sending us west of the pack [ed. There is a huge “island” of pack ice floating in the middle of Baffin Bay], east of the coastal ice. Current coordinates are at 7:45 PM are 63 deg 11.07′ N, 062 deg 12.6′ W. We are fine. Had a depth “experience” here in 900 feet of water. All of a sudden the shallow alarm warning goes off; depth was 16′, went down to 112′ back to 900′. Was it a whale or a submarine? Who knows but it sure got our attention.
Pat talked Kip into CCC’s — so much for his diet. Shane took a salt water shower in the cockpit. His voice rose an octave and he says that you do NOT want to fall into this water.
Condensation in the boat is a nuisance and sometimes a problem as everything is damp. There is no longer a refrigerator problem:) We are saving the melted cooler water in jugs and heating it for dishes and a “spit bath.” The sunshine has been so great and the main salon is dried out again.

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  1. Chuck Single Says:

    I am pleased to see that your voyage continues. I had a thought that your iceberg problem in Frobisher Bay might have been due to (1) high tide, (2) wind to the northwest,(3) the converging triangular shape to the bay, with ibebergs getting forced together by these 3 facts (?). I guess water can be “stacked” by wind, right ?

    Go into pointed bays at low tide !! Cumberland Sound is next (not triagular shaped).

    I saw a Dan Rather TV show a couple of days ago on the Northwest Passage that I found frightening. I will intensify my prayers for your continued good health, and voyage progress.

    It looks to me like duplicating your travel to date, will have you near Banks Island, ready to leave Canadian waters and approaching Alaska waters. Am I optimistic ?

    You men will STARVE whin the Kipper bails out (my bet is that she will stay with you). I understand the CCC problem. I would like to be there to help you with that “problem”.

  2. Pauline and Tom Says:

    I just caught up with the last two weeks posts and pictures. I have been letting myself imagine you in sunny Alameda in shorts, drinking wine on the deck. Wrong! I had no idea the hardships you’re facing. Seeing your pictures was wonderful. You all look hale and hardy if a little sleep deprived. South to Alaska.

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