Night: the golden glow

August 4th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

Current position 63 deg 52.8′ N, 060 deg 20.2′ W. We will soon head to leg 2 of recommended route through Baffin Bay. So far we have open water, occasional HUGE bergs, but very little ice in the water. It is 2:40 AM and the sun is about to rise! As we go we maintain a golden glow on the horizon all (short) night and gulls are criss-crossing in front of the bow. Kip & I are doing our shift while Pat & Shane sleep. We have been doing two-person, 4 hour shifts, but not staggered like we have done previously. Should be another nice day.

[Editor’s Note: We asked the crew to send updates more regularly, rather than at every big “happening.” If they keep up this pace, we may need to consolidate all the updates into a daily digest! Thanks to the crew for staying in touch. It helps us back home to know all is well.]

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  1. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Thank you to Randy and the crew for your kind considerations in giving us more updates. It certainly caters to our conditioning for instant replay and the desire to know all is well. With so many of us “tuning in” to your journey, did you realize you would have such journalistic expectation added to your usual routines? With more frequent posts, I, for one, can know better how to pray, and also can continue my vicarious addiction as you journey forth.

    Still curious how the eclipse was, and which Scripture verses are speaking most to you. Yes, I realize, more expectations!!!!!!!!!! MarcieB.

  2. M & M Alden Says:

    I have found that port-and-starboard watches (each four hours long) do not allow sufficient, sound sleep. This will particularly true for the Cook who must work at times other than her watch period. I recommend that you consider either Plan A: four, six hour watch periods daily; or, Plan B: three four hour watches 8:00AM to 8:00PM then two six hour watches for the rest of the night. Being sleepy and making mistakes will be our greatest, non-mechanical/electrical problem for the rest of your trek. Plan A allows everyone to get into a routine of when they sleep. That is: if Watch Section A starts the rotation at 6:00AM Section B is on from 12:00 noon to 6:00PM. A goes on to midnight and B from midnight to 6:00 AM when A comes on again. And so it goes every day unless you dog the watch at some interval. The second rotation plan moves the sleeping periods around the clock. Sleep periods in the second rotation plan are varied and allow one watch section to get afternoon sleep every other day.

    I do not recommend watches longer than 6 hours. Any additional hours, particularly in the early mornings, are killers. A body needs its rest; and, long periods of serious concentration, bracing oneself in a smallish boat, and peering into the sun (or dark for that matter) to avoid hard to see ice, is exceedingly tiring.

    In any event, good luck and keep up the good work. We are avidly following your adventure.
    Love, Mike Alden

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