Aston Bay, Somerset Island

August 15th, 2008 by Walt "The Skipper" Jones

(73 deg 50.9′ N, 095 deg 08.0’W — Heading South) The water maker parts arrived! [ed. Charlotte reported the details in her comment] After fueling again from the beach this morning, we headed south in snow flurries across Barrow Strait and into Peel Sound. The crossing was pretty good with swells between 6-10 feet with a 25 knot wind. We found an anchorage at 11:00 pm and are all ready for the sack. We saw no ice today and again got encouraging ice reports for an open path through. We saw several seals and birds as we went. Kathy Robertson made three City Team burgees for us so Geraldine again flies colors out front in the bow!

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  1. Kristy Cole Says:

    Many thanks to the webmaster Randy for many hours of enjoyment this summer following Walt, Kip, Pat and Shane’s progress. I am vicariously enjoying this incredible journey! I thoroughly enjoyed the “interview.” It is ironic that they are missing the contact via the internet while I sit comfortably in my home reading up on their adventures each day. Their strong faith is an inspiration, seeing them relying on God to get them through some dangerous and frightening experiences. I am also following another adventure this summer: that of Steve and Jane Fainer ( who are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail at an incredible 20 something miles per day! They started in San Diego in April and want to make it all the way to Canada by mid-October. I thought Kip and Walt would enjoy hearing that they are now as far as Crater Lake. I am keeping everyone in my prayers. Much love, Kristy Cole

  2. Paul Pittman Says:

    My father Henry,who looks after the marina in Corner Brook NL told me about your adventure and websight so I thought that I would check it out. Seeing your journey brings back many good memories of the north. Having lived and worked in Grise Fiord I’ve visited most of the Hamlets especially Resolute Bay where everyone who stops there knows OZZY at South Camp. I wish you a safe trip and most of all enjoy the beauty and the people of Nunavut.

    Paul PITTMAN, Cpl.
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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