Interview with the crew

August 14th, 2008 by Randy Jones

Hi Geraldine fans. I had a chance to record my conversation / interview with the crew today and ask them your questions. It ended up being about an hour long. They were using the phone and internet at the local hotel: South Camp Inn. The staff there were so accommodating and it was nice to have a more solid connection than the satellite phone. I’ve discovered I’m not much of an interviewer, but I hope you enjoy hearing the familiar voices (total download is nearly four megabytes):

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  1. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Thank you, Randy and all of the crew! It was wonderful to hear your voices and get your reports. MarcieB.

  2. Joe Hernandez Says:

    it was great getting to listen to the entire crew. Pat, good to hear about the relationship between you and Shane, what an adventure to share with your son. Listening to the rough seas, I know for sure that I could never endure such a trip, you know what a wimp I am with the choppy waters. You all take care, joe

  3. Charlotte Coulter Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! The water maker has arrived in Resolute !!! I called this morning at 1:00 am (4:00 am Iqaluit time) to see if they were going to put it on the plane today and was told by the loading office that is wasn’t on the schedule. More disappointing than I can tell you because it took an hour to get someone to answer the phone. (I thought if I hear that message “No one is answering your call, please try again later” I was going to scream. Not a good thing to do at that time of night for my sleeping family) That meant calling Greg when he got there at 9:30 their time to see if there was anything we could do. He had a plane go out yesterday afternoon and he put the package on and it ARRIVED LAST NIGHT !! I thanked him profusely and promised I would pray for him because I know he us under so much stress right now with everything he needs to get to Resolute and moving his offices. Apparently there was some bad weather and several planes were unable to land in Resolute several days back, so they are so backed up with freight that needs to get there. Of course, even though Geraldine’s water maker is a priority package, it has to go behind mail, food and medical. Anyway, I called Walt and he had just gotten the call from the airport. They will probably pull out today. They were making arrangements for fuel when we spoke. GOD IS GOOD!!! HE ANSWERS PRAYERS !!! Sometimes it is in the form of a new BFF that I have never met, but was truly our angel for this………

    Go Geraldine crew…onward and southward…..!!!!!

  4. Randy Says:

    Thank you Charlotte!

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