New watermaker en route!

August 4th, 2008 by Randy Jones
2:00pm: We are slowly moving north in gray dense fog but very little ice; today we will reach the Arctic Circle (we will confirm when it happens.) All are fine settling into a routine of 4 hour shifts (Robertsons & Joneses.) We are O.K. with water rationing. The company behind our watermaker agreed to send repair parts and a brand new (different) system to Pond Inlet. I don’t know about installing it; we see as things develop. More later… 

PS Had ice cream sandwiches for dessert last night; CCC & Breyer’s French Vanilla. Yum. Repeat tonight. Mom is doing her part in making this a five star eating experience. For lunch we had cream of broccoli & asparagus soup with homemade whole wheat crackers. Was it ever good.

PSS 6 PM update: 65 deg 39.1′ N, 060 deg 25.8′ W

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  1. Randy Jones Says:

    No kidding. Guess who had ice cream sandwiches last night too? Guess who thought is was so good they had it again tonight? Ha ha. The Jones food telepathy works even in the arctic!

  2. Scott Jones Says:

    No homemade ice cream sandwiches at our house last night. I guess we’ll be perking up our food telepathic receivers! I also noticed that Dad didn’t say anything about rationing the CCCs! 🙂

  3. Chuck Single Says:


    We know Kip is a chef of some renown. You will inevitably gain weight. I always do.

    I know who tought Kip to cook: Geraldine !! who is with you every day.

    All of the problems with various elements is poor advertising for the various companies. Will you ger a new main engine ??

  4. Trish Foley Says:

    We continue to follow your journey and admire the courage and enthusiasm that you guys all have inspite of the “problems” with the mechanical aspects of this trip. We pray for all of you that you are getting the rest you need and that you are being given direction from above.. So far I’m convinced that you are covered by the Lord!! Love, Trish

  5. Linda Mullen Says:

    Dear Ones in Christ,

    I am amazed at your strong wills to press forward with all the mechanical problems.
    But even more, I am in awe of God who is carrying you through this vast passage.
    Thanks to Randy, who set-up this site for all of us, in a sense, to journey along.
    What a comfort to remember your chosen Bible passage, “God will be with you and watch over you where ever you go”.

    Lovingly, Bill and Linda

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