South to Alaska

August 13th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Editor’s Note: Got this update from the crew, right after I posted the update from Charlotte.

We are anchored at the northern most town of our journey. It is all south from here. How does south to Alaska sound?

This day started out with a bang as we saw two polar bears from our anchorage climbing the cliff behind us. From then on the day was a bust as we were mugged by winds and waves, dodging ice as we went. The winds were 20-30 knots on the nose, all day. But we did fine and we got here amidst snow flurries, finding a message waiting for us from the mayor of Resolute offering to help us in every way we need. What could be nicer than that? When we had dinner Walt thanked the Lord for breakfast, lunch and dinner as we didn’t eat anything but nuts until dinner because it was so rough! Hopefully our parts have arrived and we can get the water maker going. All reports indicate that the ice is softening and will be opening up. Please keep praying! We look forward to your questions and the chance to answer them. Love to you all.

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  1. M & M Alden Says:

    Congratulations to all you ‘Blue Noses’ at your furthest northern port. It should be all down hill from now on. Recommend you consider using Prince of Wales Straight vs. McClure Strait to get past Banks Island if POW St. is ice free. The prevailing winds and long reach across the Beaufort Sea will make McC St. rather rough. POW St. will take you directly to Cape Parry. I would guess that you are going to see much rougher seas for the trip across the MacKenzie Delta out flow and around Alaska. I would check (perhaps double) the lashings on everything and the bolts in the machinery foundations before leaving Resolute. Also, the little things like a toppled coffee maker will give you fits in rough seas. The cook usually gets burnt with hot water or a sliding pot when rolling about. Your electronic navigation should improve as you tend WSW.

    All the best MAlden

  2. Blair and Laurie Aston/Yary Sailboat from Baddeck Nova Scotia Says:

    Congratulations on arriving in Blair’s old home of Resolute. He spent many months there in the weather station and can sympathize with your dealing with the idiosyncracies of Mother Nature in the Arctic. We have been following your incredible journey and wish you continued luck as you continue the adventure.

  3. Carlos Fetterolf, Jr. Says:

    Darn, I failed twice to get my messages off.

    Briefly, Chuck is fine.

    Tell me how you came about Arctic char.

    I’m heading to Antarctica come 8 Nov with lady I’ve only known briefly. What a test of compatability. There will be no log available for return messages.

    Good luck, Carlos

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