A cold but Important Day

August 14th, 2008 by Shane Robertson

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Another wonderfully cold day in Resolute. The weather today will consist of 0* (for those not used to the metric system THAT IS FREEZING) with snow flurries and 25 knot winds out of the West / Northwest. Ah just what you want for a balmy August day!! The local Mayor and hotel owner (Azzi) was so kind as to pick us up near the shore in one of his vans and drive us to his hotel. We enjoyed a great breakfast sans rocking and wind noise along with internet access. He has been very helpful and hopefully we’ll be able to get our parts and laundry done. Now for the important part!!

Being a cold blustery day here, and even though the crew is getting along great I would rather spend it with someone else. Four short years ago the most wonderful and beautiful woman said I DO… to me!!! It was a wonderfully WARM day, though that was not what I was concentrating on. She was stunning and it was an absolutely beautiful day. I tried to warn her of what she might be getting herself into, but neither of us could have imagined we would spend our fourth anniversary so far apart with me so close to the North Pole. She is truly an amazing woman to put up with my shenanigans and I am a better man because of her.

Happy Anniversary Mrs. Rebecca Robertson, Love, your husband 800 miles or so south of the North Pole.

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  1. Rebecca Robertson Says:

    Thank you my love. Happy Anniversary, I miss you. I may be amazing for putting up with this, but you are an amazing man for going through it. I would never be able to do it. I am perfectly content with my 72* sunny day, but then again you have always had (and will always have) a very adventurous spirit. I love that about you (even though it is hard and scary sometimes). I am a better woman because of you. Over the last four years I have done many things that I never would have done on my own, but because of you and your encouragement I have been able to do them.

    It is true that you warned me that life with you would never be boring, and you have proven it. I am so proud of you and the talents that you have utilized on this trip and for your stamina to get through it. You’re almost there sweetheart, you can do it! Not that much further and we’ll see each other again.
    I love you and I will see you soon

  2. Russ and Mary Says:

    Four years ago was an important day for us too as we gained a son! Congratulations. Wow, 4 years already.

    Reading the blog is a daily treat. It sure is good to not have to wonder where you are and how you’re doing. We’re praying now that the parts will arrive, for a successful repair, a good rest and patience to wait until it’s safe to move on. Shane, remember our only request of you regarding this trip was that you come home safely. We love you!

  3. Mike, Michele & Giavanna Says:

    Happy 4th Anniversary! We love you guys~ Mike, Michele & Giavanna

  4. Trish Foley Says:

    Shane and Rebecca, we’re thinking of the two of you, so far apart and yet so close together!! We are celebrating our 37th anniversary the 16th and wish the same for the two of you, may your love and friendship with each other last forever. Your love shines through your blogs to each other!! God bless Rebecca for enduring the lonely days without her husband and God bless Shane for enduring some challenging times without Rebecca. We admire you both!! Aunt Trish, Uncle Bill and your cousins Michael and Christopher

    Happy 4th anniversary!!!!

  5. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Why does the music and movie from Dr. Zhivago continue to invade my sweet and comfortable dreams? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Happy Anniversary to the love birds and can’t wait for more updates.
    Won’t it be wonderful to have fresh laundry? Oh boy does that bring back some other memories for me! Cheerio, MarcieB.

  6. Rick and Lyla Nichols Says:

    Way to go, you two!! Hope your next anniversary is closer together and warmer. We’re enjoying the blog and sharing the adventure. Praying you can move on with a functioning water maker and rested bodies soon.

  7. Joe Hernandez Says:

    Shane, happy anniversary. Elizabeth and I also share the same anniversary date with you and Rebecca. Ours was 32 years. Sorry that you and Rebecca were not able to be in the same physical place but it is sure good to see that you both are in the same emotional place. Take care and have enjoyed keeping up with you all on this journey. God bless, joe

  8. Andrew and Nola Says:

    We love the Robertsons! Congrats on 4 years. Thank you Rebecca for making Shane a better man. 🙂
    We love you both and we look forward to hearing about this trip in person.
    God Bless,
    Andrew and Nola

  9. Randy Jones Says:

    Picture of Shane with the bear… hahahahahaha! These towns are so desolate it’s unbelievable.

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