Nome at last!

September 1st, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

Editor’s Note: I climbed in the time machine, went back and posted two messages we received around Point Barrow. This has two advantages. One, now the map doesn’t look like the crew took a massive overland shortcut. And two, you get to hear about Shane’s second swim! Move over Michael Phelps. Also, Nome is the end of the road for Kip, so Shane is about to take this final exam in bread-making. Ha!

Again we ran through the night past the Diomedes in the early morning. The seas were three meters and we were again surfing on the big waves in pitch black none-the-less. Imagine driving down a bumpy rutted road with no lights at top speed relying on a compass alone!  Wow.

We rounded Cape Prince of Wales and headed toward Nome to a beautiful sunrise and another pillar of fire on the horizon.  The mountains were absolutely gorgeous and we saw several fishing camps on the shore all the way to Nome.  We motored into Nome harbor and saw a large barge completely loaded with trucks, construction equipment and building supplies.  We are tied up to a new dock which is really nice.  We walked into Nome and are now sitting at Airport Pizza where we all had a good old hamburger and fries. How great it is to be in the the USA again!!! We have heard several definitions of where the Northwest Passage ends; and the furthest was Nome.  Today we satisfied all definitions and have made our goal!  We have a huge sense of accomplishment and deep joy together as a team: Pat, Shane, Kip and Walt!

10 Responses to “Nome at last!”

  1. Donnie & Marilyn Says:

    Congradulations!!!! Well done.
    Have enjiyed watching your trip, keep up the good work!!!!

    Donnie & Marilyn
    Lunenburg, NS

  2. Henry (IXTSEA) Says:


    I, along with all the Baddeck boaters, Sam included have enjoyed watching your trip..WOW

    Henry on INXTSEA
    Baddeck, Nova Scotia

  3. Michael Pounds Says:

    You made it back to the good ol’ USA!

    Shirley and I look forward to your many stories of the “life changing” trip.


  4. Carol at Wilbur Yachts Says:

    Congratulations, that must have been the most amazing experience. I have checked in on you everyday since you left. Can’t wait to see your final pictures. Thanks.
    Carol Gilley

  5. Jeff and Toneh Says:

    Congratulations on a great trip!! The pictures have been great to see as you traveled along. Really fascinating. It gave us all here a small glimpse of your trip. We’ll see you on your return.

    Jeff and Toneh

  6. Marcie Bowerman Says:

    Kip and crew,
    BSF will have an amazing testimonial from you on God’s protection, et al. Welcome back to terra firma and “job well done, good and faithful servant!” Now you’ll be experiencing more of how we onlookers have taken this trip with you. Big hug to the whole crew! You’re all in God’s trophy case. MarcieB.

  7. Joe Hernandez Says:

    Fantastic!!! You guys are my heros……………..

  8. Ryan Hare Says:

    Not many people can say they have done a trip like that. The Blog has been great to read along..maybe they will make a movie :). Take care and enjoy the emergence of more greenery and wildlife as you make your way south.

  9. Tom Linton Says:

    Congratulations on making it to Nome! It has been so great to follow your adventures that i’m going to miss reading about them when you get home. You are probably about ready for a break from them, I’m sure.

    What’s going to happen with the galley master gone?!? We’ve been seeing all these journal entries and photographs of the food you’ve been having and they’ve been making us hungry. You’re going to miss Kip I’m sure.

    Keep driving carefully and we’ll see you soon.


  10. Skip & Pam Wangbickler Says:

    Guys – what a great adventure. It has been fabulous following the saga– welcome home.

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