Nome sweet Nome!

September 2nd, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

It was wonderful to be tied firmly to a dock and sleep in peace and quiet, however we all found ourselves waking up for our shift or running up to check if all was well.  Walt ran into Shane in the dark and then later Pat was up checking with Walt!  Shane said he dreamed the Geraldine was parked in Gilroy and he was to be making engine repairs….. where am I?  After a quiet morning we came back to Airport Pizza for pizza and more internet access. I have posted eleven days of pictures in case you would like to go back to see them. We are spending the day working on the engine problem, doing laundry and provisioning for the next leg of the trip. They will be adding fuel additives thinking the diesel we purchased along the way wasn’t as lubricating as the engine needs.

Ed comes in tomorrow and Kip leaves on a red eye within 30 minutes of each other. We find ourselves continuing to celebrate the achievement of crossing the Northwest Passage together in the Geraldine when it looked like such a challenge to do so.  How grateful we are for our family’s support, all your support, prayers and comments.

Rebecca Robertson, Shane’s lovely wife, Scott and Raime Jones are flying into Kodiak, AK (on 9/14 for a week of vacation and sight seeing to take Geraldine on to Sitka where she will spend the winter months.

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  1. Clarence Says:


    I have been to Kodiak… when the tide is out there are hundreds of rocks. Be very slow and careful when approaching island and harbours.

    These are not gravel. What a wonderful adventure, Keep up the good work.


  2. Kevin Conant Says:

    OK no one mentioned pizza and beer on the recorded conversation about what you’d have on dry land, but the frosty mug and the smiles all around said it all. Now the real test shall come. Many a mutiny and other high seas rebellion have come when the Galley Master changes hands…. However, after all you’ve been through, you’ll do great together. Kip, you have been a Godsend, and I’m sure the boys will miss you greatly, and the galley will probably be noisier and smellier too. Thank you for taking the time to keeping up this blog, it takes a lot of time to keep it updated. It’s been a great vicarious adventure for all of us, and I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to share it with the rest of us.

  3. Kathy Kortes Says:

    Terrific! We can’t believe that you’re through. From the armchair, it seems to have gone quite quickly! I wonder how you all see it. Am looking forward to hearing the stories in person, sometime next April. Thank you for sharing all of your adventures with us. It has been such a treat to see you progress and to know that you are all safe! It became a regular thing to check in on the Geraldine and we’re going to miss it.

    Kip have a good flight back. I’m sure your boys will miss you dearly but I know a couple of people in the Bay Area that will be very happy to see you again! (-;

    We’re closing in on our adventure which starts on September 25 with a flight to New Delhi and then a train trip into the Himalayas. As usual there seems to be so much to do, but we’re so thankful that we can take a sabbatical and are taking in all of the moments (including the ones which involve moving heavy boxes so someone can sublet our apartment in Munich!). We’ve also been inspired to put together a blog – we’ll be tracking our movements at Nothing there yet, but stay tuned.

    Big hugs and lots of love,
    Kathy & Andi

  4. Randy Jones Says:

    Hi folks, the blog is not done and dusted… We will keep posting and plotting points until Geraldine is safe in her winter berth at Sitka. There are still 1000+ miles through the waters featured in The Deadliest Catch and across the Gulf of Alaska. Arrival in Sitka will mark the end of posting… until the next adventure.

    Kathy & Andi, great to see the site up and the map rolling! Thank you for feeding the vicarious travel addiction.

  5. Mike Brickley Says:

    Congratulations on your adventure, and thank YOU, Lord, for providing safety and adventure! Cathy and I are in Sitka, Alaska today, and sure wish you were already here!! Love, Mike and Cathy

  6. Steve Collins Says:

    Hello Shane and Crew,

    Congratulations on your safe arrival in Nome! Shane, we’ll have another block party when you return to Utah and will look forward to an evening of good stories. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your trip, especially your time with Rebecca in Kodiak and surrounding areas. Take care.

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