Nome coming… and going

September 4th, 2008 by Kip "Galley Master" Jones

We spent Wednesday getting ready for our crew shift and for the continuing trip to Dutch Harbor. Laundry was done in a bar called Duds and Suds! In between we were back to Airport Pizza to upload more yummy goodies and down load our emails. We got back to Geraldine and put on CLEAN sheets, got out fresh towels and stowed our clean duds as Kip packed up for home. Pat assumed the chef roll and got the beans cooking as well as his next version of Geraldine bowl bread. Kip was in the way making another batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies to beak Ed in on the ice cream sandwich routine! We all took a checker cab to the Nome airport and within 30 minutes Ed Wright had his Geraldine hat on and had joined the crew while Kip went into the security line to board her red eye plane flight to San Jose. We were amazed that you could park right outside the passenger entrance and walk inside.

I felt very funny leaving the crew with more of the trip yet to be accomplished.  They say if you do something consistently for a month you have a new habit.  After more than two months aboard Geraldine and living a new way completely I sure have new habits!  I will miss not only Walt but Pat and Shane so much as we have become family together in this journey through the Arctic. We hope Ed develops his “sea legs” quickly and finds his portion of the trip a satisfying adventure as well.  We encouraged him to come with meds and patches to help him accommodate! 

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  1. Kathy Robertson Says:

    Nome coming and going was bittersweet. Now, Kip is back in California and the guys are on the last legs of the trip–having officially completed the Northwest Passage!!! We’re really close to the end of this amazing journey and as difficult and harrowing as it has been (with some potentially rough water ahead)–it has and continues to be the trip of a lifetime and I’m so grateful that Shane and Pat got to play the part of the “tag along crew.” Weeks in a small space, days without showers–and Kip still calls them family! God’s continued protection and blessings to you all…love, Kathy

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