The Tag-along Crew Arrives

June 23rd, 2008 by Randy Jones

Quinlan, Jenny and I arrived at the boat today. We flew into Boston to visit with friends, and then drove up to Maine to rendezvous at the boat. I was really impressed at how capable and comfortable Geraldine really is. For her part, Quinlan adjusted quickly to the quirks of living and sleeping on a boat. Apparently blueberry pie goes a long way in convincing her that life on the boat will be sweet! A highlight for her was taking a bath in the cooler. Between that and woof-woofing at all the dogs on the dock, she is in heaven.

On Sunday after church, we took a tour of nearby Acadia National Park while mom and dad finalized the boat. Having been to many of the “trophy” parks in the west, we found Acadia to be lovely, but missing the jaw-dropping wonder and scale of places like Bryce Canyon and Yosemite. Still, the place has a magic and quaintness to it that makes you want to stick around to try and determine which cute ice cream shop in which cute town takes the tasting trophy for Mount Desert (appropriately pronounced Dessert) Island. But it’s not to be; on Tuesday we shove off for Canada.

10 Responses to “The Tag-along Crew Arrives”

  1. PY&M Says:


    Nice tub for Quinlan, that is great.
    We hope you will have safe journey.

    See you in a month in Tahoe.


  2. Becky and Jeff Says:

    Godspeed dear friends. Our thoughts and prayers go with you.

  3. Pam Kretovics Says:

    What an adventure!!! Praying for your safe voyage!!

  4. the Barnas Says:

    We miss you already! Have a great trip!!

  5. Pauline and Tom Says:

    Had a good look at all the website with Tom tonight. Kudos to web master Randy! It looks great.
    We’ll be checking in for all your news. Loved the baby in the ice chest.
    Fair skies,
    T & P

  6. Rebekah Says:

    Miss Quinlan is such a little darling!

  7. michael pounds Says:

    Happy travels!!

  8. Chuck Single Says:

    I must say that your website is (1) beautiful (2) easy to use; i.e., interact with you (3) so nicely organized. You deserve an “atta-boy” < you just got it !!

    I find it delightful and hope the Kipper will keep it so interesting.

    Your daughter and wife look wonderful, but no better than the proud Father. Hope you had a good Father’s day (I was roasted and toasted at Steve’s).

    I was amazed to see 7,000 miles expected. My estimate was 4,500 miles with the boat stored in Alaska ssomewhere. Good I am not your navigator !!!

    Much Love

    Grandpa Single

  9. Kyla Says:

    Enjoy your journey… looks like you already are! Quinnie makes the cutest little sailorette!!
    Love, Kyla

  10. The Chens Says:

    Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Will pray Jenny feels better soon. Quinlan looks like a natural sailor! Miss you guys. Take care.
    -Ed, Katie, Kayla, Mei and Xiaosy

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